Thursday, April 4, 2013

Five Shadow Touched Objects For Your Old School Horror Campaigns

Shadow Touched Objects 
  1. The Errtuir Planar Crystal Ball - Created from the tears of a million demons and hardened in the coldest fires of some nether hell. This crystal globe shows the mirrored shadows of worlds that might be. Places caught between the shades of worlds. Each moon rise the crystal can open a gateway between these places. Such gateways always have a price. The user must tell the guardian of the gate their story or a reason for letting them pass through the mists of the crystal ball. 
  2. The Door Handle of Forever - This cut and broken crystal door handle allows one to fix it into place on any door. The crystal cuts the user and the blood allows the demon trapped within the facets to open a door to the user's fondest desire. The demon has a warped sense of humor and has been known to twist the destination in its favor. The handle is currently in the possession of a carnival barker's trunk. He is touring the country. 
  3. The Goblin Cup of Everrea - The cup is a cut crystal cup that belongs to the Goblin King Everrea. This tall and handsome fey has the heart of a demon and the cup opens to the darkest corners of his kingdom where the treasures of a thousand dreams are stored. He has a taste for ladies of any age and keeps a gallery of of them to gaze upon. He has been known to eat the eye balls of their husbands however. 
  4. The Circle of Power of Spite - This incredible loop of pure crystal is made from the tears of angels and forged with the dreams of fire elements roasting the innocent. The loop allows the user to access the mind of a demon once per week. Its infinite knowledge allows one to discover many forbidden and dire secrets of magic and mayhem. The circle will corrupt the heart of anyone using it. They will become a pawn of a spirit of spite.
  5. The Crystal crown of Thorns- This is a crown of metal and crystal thorns made from the branches of the forbidden tree of knowledge in Hell. It will grant its user power over an arch devil. The crown though drains the soul of the user with each new slave's task until the user is nothing more then another thorn among its many branches.

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