Thursday, July 18, 2013

Splatter Punk 70's & 80's Post Apocalyptic Horror Campaign Sundown Edition Influence- By ways And Haunted Highways 1d10 Random Encounter Table

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 Because of heinous energies of the 'Supernaturalypse' all along the highways and byways of America there are all types of weird leakage that falls through the dimensional cracks of the paranormal world. Below are small slice of flesh of the weirdness that is sometimes seen along the highways at 1:00 am and the hours of the damned.  
 By ways And Haunted Highways 1d10 Random Encounter Table 
  1. The ghost of a dead cheerleader still trying to get home. Covered from head to toe in wounds that still bleed from her killer's murder. She pleads silently for some relief from her torment as she wanders across the face of the Earth. When the moon is full she is able to assume a normal form for a time and asks to be taken home only to be left farther from her home town and family. 
  2. A strange band of 1d8 1st level mutant fighters in a hearse looking for a quick couple of slaves and perhaps a cannibal feast. They travel in a 57 Cadillac hearse and are armed with some modern firearms. 
  3. A gang of psycho killers out to create unholy rites to their dark masters. AC 7 Damage 1d6 knives Hit Points 2. Armed with blasters 1d8 and on motor cycles. 
  4. A family of zombies in a station wagon. There are 6 of them including Grandma. Max hit points and they are more then slightly crazy. 
  5. A psycho killer in a pick up truck armed with a rifle 1d6 70 yard range 5 shots  and a machete 1d4. 2nd level fighter jazzed up on LSD and caffeine  Real hard case looking for as many kills as he can get. 
  6. 1d8 deep ones riding around in corvettes and armed with black powder weapons 1d8. They're after a lost member of their coven. However they'll easily take some side line sacrifices to Cthulhu with little issue. Hit points 5 AC 8 Damage 1d4 claws. The Disciplines of Dagon is the nick name of this little slice of Lovecraftian inspired madness. 
  7. 1d6 Erynies after a lost soul and looking for prey. Very pissed off posse followed by an ill wind. 
  8. A rolling cloud of ghostly souls that moves by in a cloud of horror and chain rattling terror. There is a 75% chance that a random body part will fall from the sky into the characters laps. 
  9. A spawn of Cthulhu has just escaped from a nearby crypt of the old ones. There is a 20% chance its hungry, weird, and very pissed off. 
  10. A group of dark riders after a band of hobbits on motor cycles. Stats as wraiths and double hit points. These bastards will hunt down anyone they encounter. Armed with modern WWII guns and ammo. 

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