Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Free Supplement For Swords And Wizardry - Varlets And Vermins 1.0 Review And Commentary

Varlets and Vermin is a fifty two page pdf that I downloaded quite a few months ago. The book is adapted for swords and wizardry but easily adaptable for a number of retroclones. For a horror game this is perfect low level introduction to causing mayhem and issues. 
You can download this free pdf right over

According to the author: 

"I've always felt the lack of lower level monsters in any setting; but especially the old school with its stripped-down lists.

Dungeon referees who want something a little spicier than rats, skeletons and kobolds should therefore consider my new pdf supplement, available to download here absolutely gratis: Varlets and Vermin. It's a collection of monsters and related ideas for challenge levels 1 and 2, written for Swords & Wizardry but easily adaptable to other systems."

How is this book used? 

There are number of low level challenges in this book but that doesn't mean low level horror. The tips, tricks, traps, and monsters all have the feel of something that could cause problems for any level of adventures. The challenges are not gonzo level monsters by any means but with very little work they could be come a royal pain or a deadly issue to any underground expedition  The nice part is that these monsters are easily adaptable to both an urban environment or as a country based horror campaign setting. The author does a very nice job setting things in motion for the DM to take and run with these. 
I'd give this book an easy three and a half stars. Very useful material put into an easy to digest format and quick plug & play usage. 

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