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1d20 Random Encounter Table For Scalawags,Scoundrels, And Thieves For Your Old School Horror Game

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1d20 Random Encounter Table For Scalawags,Scoundrels, And Thieves 
  1. A knife wielding assassin on the trail of a broken who knows too much. The assassin is armed with enchanted blades and acts as the hand of a cult of demon worshiping scum. 
  2. A mad scientist who masquerades as a traveling sales man and teacher is looking for victims to test his latest horrid experimental formulas on. A second level wizard and rank scientist. 
  3. A three time loser cultist and petty thief is looking to hire out his skills while casing out adventurer parties as targets. This third level specialist is a petty second story man and once worked for the mob. 
  4. This sadistic torturer passes herself off as a kindly teacher and helper of the aged, sick and often uses them as fodder for diabolical experiments. She is threading her way across country looking for an ancient treasure while offering her services. She keeps a hidden diary of her exploits. 
  5. A widower who has a magic ring containing the essence of his dead brides. This 4th level wizard uses the life force of his departed as the source of his magic. He is willing to hire out to dangerous and desperate adventurers who provide this adrenaline addict with the sick thrills he needs. 
  6. This seemly normal adventurer and playboy is actually an immortal werewolf looking for his next kill. He is a 2nd level fighter by day and by night a double hit point fiend of the most murderous aspect. 
  7. This mad man is actually a double agent for two very dangerous countries. During the day this sex addict spy seduces embassy employees. No man or woman is safe from him but by night he kills those he seduces. He isn't sure whose he's working for anymore. 
  8. This little old lady is actually one of the most ruthless wizards of the Black Society. She is actually a he altered in both appearance and temperament  She is on a mission to find a rare flower so that she might return to her original form. She is fifth level but does not remember her original form. She will however betray adventurers upon the new moon. 
  9. This black hearted fiend is on the run from bounty hunters and will drop an arcane artifact into the bag or safe hiding spot of the nearest adventurers. 
  10. A  wandering homeless man bumbles into the PC's .He's is actually the head of a cult of the Old Ones on a desperate search for their Antichrist  He has kidnapped many young women in a search for the right candidate to bear his child. 
  11. A handsome man in a crushed blue velvet suit wanders nearby. There is something strange about him. The party sees him over and over again. This being is actually a wandering curse forced to hunt down a member of the party. His effects are up to the DM. 
  12. A wandering child has a human femur in her hands. Her eyes are empty and weep a bit of blood every time she is seen. She is actually a ghost enslaved to a 6th level wizard who uses her abilities to steal bits of human souls to find the right victim for his diabolical experiments. The wizard moves through the crowd nearby. He bares an uncanny resemblance to a member of the party. 
  13. A knife wielding thief kills a nearby victim and then plunges into a nearby crowd never to be seen. He is actually staking the party having missed his prey. The victim was actually another version of the thief. He's now targeted on of the party. He wields an enchanted dagger which reappears after its been used in his hands again. 
  14. A beautiful woman is randomly attacked by a psycho with a butcher knife but is found miraculously alive. The psycho vanishes into a nearby alley. She is actually a  high level vampire moving about in the cloudy daylight. This vile vamp will target a member of the party for later feasting. 
  15. A man with one arm stumbles through a nearby alley way. His face a horrid patch work of weird scars. He claims to have been the victim of a wizard's transformation. He has few memories but a pocket full of money and will pay adventurers to help him find out his identity. 
  16. A strange grey skinned man in oriental garb shadows the party and finally offers his services. Seems he is a third level wizard willing to help the adventurers for some vague reason. He will not accept payment. But will take it when the times comes naming his sadistic price. 
  17. A small dwarf is looking for protection from a group of religious zealots. The dwarf has a touch of the infernal about him. But he's actually a holy cleric under a curse of a major mob boss possessed by a pit fiend whose looking for him. He can heal at will but must answer questions with rhyme. A very troubled soul who needs help.  
  18. A sister who is actually a 3rd level fighter in search of adventurers to help defend her sisters from a take over by a mob boss who wants their land. A rare artifact is held within the places and the order has forgotten all about it. The mob has not. 
  19. This thief has been transformed into a freak by the curse of a wizard and seeks adventurers to help him lift his curse. He will barter services for help. There is a hidden reason for his curse and he may try to kill any female adventurers present. 
  20. A member of the Church of Starry Wisdom is on the lamb from a cult hit squad. She desperately needs to get to the police. She will try to seduce any male or female she can. Her body is a mass of mutations that are hidden under a set of nice cloths. She will bare a twisted progeny by morning should any sub comb to her advances. She will slip away and the monster will try to murder its parent. For the rest of the parent's days the monster will stalk its parental prey. Only when the stars are right will the fool be free. 

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