Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Splatter Punk 70's & 80's Post Apocalyptic Horror Campaign Sundown Edition Influence - Weird Adventures By Trey Causey

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 There are some streets you don't want to wander down. Places where the streets run red with murder,corruption, and denigration.
Some of these places offer their own reality separate from the world your used to. Places where the adventurers are tough and stakes are high indeed!
Sometimes in the light of 'Supernaturalypse' you can use all the help you can get even  if its its for a quick profit or a cosmic calamity waiting to happen. Adventurers are some of the first ones there. the moonlit streets of "The City" are one part Mike Hammer, Two parts Fritz Lieber and all Trey  
Causey warped imagination. 
In the city states of the 'Supernaturalypse' suburbs of 'the City' sometimes slip in at night under the double moons of the Twisted Earth. The results aren't always pretty.
But they are dangerous and fun. 

Weird Adventures As Sourcebook and Setting 
According To Drivethrurpg :
Welcome to the City...
The streets are mean--and what lurks beneath them is even meaner. Only the most hard-boiled adventurers make it in this town.  You think you got what it takes? Grab your gun or grimoire and find out.
Weird Adventures is a setting where traditional rpg fantasy meets the Pulp era.  It's a world where hobogoblins hop trains, gargoyles nest on art deco skyscrapers, and celebrity sorcerers hawk cigarettes on the radio.
Weird Adventures includes:
  • A guide to the City, greatest metropolis in the world, including its five baronies, numerous neighborhoods, and points of interest to adventurers.
  • An overview of the Strange New World beyond the City, including the mysterious jungles of Asciana, the zombie-haunted streets of Cujiatepec, and the hidden moonshine stills of the hill-billy giants in the Smaragdines.
  • Thirty new monsters from the Black Blizzard to the Skunk-Ape.
    Get it right over HERE
The City and its environs have been wandering through various parts of my campaigns for the last two years or more. Every lost world, one night stand adventure, and CoC adventure has had elements of the "City" in it. The setting is flexible enough for me to use it as both setting and background for introducing wisecracking adventurers, black mafia mages, and weird kids with curses on their heads. It also happens to be one of the sources of major NPC's for the Splatter Punk 70's & 80's Post Apocalyptic Horror Campaign. 
There are city states most of these look like some nondescript major city. Anyway you slice it sometimes you need an adventurer with some D&D leanings but with a major retro modern edge! This is where Weird Adventures comes in as both tool kit and source book. 
Crypts and Things borrows heavily from its pulp roots and so does Weird Adventures. This is a maarriage that makes sense. There are over thirty monsters that can easily be dropped into the supernaturally charged wastelands of the "Supernaturalypse. "
 But that's not all. 

The Suburbs From Hell! 
Sometimes certain neighborhoods in the "City" seemly slip through the cracks of reality and merge with other realms and worlds in the weird of the moonlight. There are those in the know who kinda drift with the wind so to speak. 
Check into a certain hotel on a certain night of the year and suddenly your party might find itself on a whole other world see. There are opportunities plenty for the right guy or gal. Treasures, artifacts beyond human understanding, artwork, and more see. Those in the know might make a killing selling this sort of stuff to right buyer back in the " City". Or they might wind up deader then a two bit hood and his undead moll. 
The mafia knows the score and often employs 'sucker' errm, adventurers for jobs like this. There are billion naked stories in the Prime Material and this is only the edge of the knife! 

 My 'City' Source Material 

Time and again I read Trey's blog and I'm always reminded of two very old and very dear movies. The 'Cast A Deadly Spell' movies that were produced back in the late 80's with Fred Ward and Dennis Hopper.
These movies cast HP Lovecraft as a wisecracking, chain smoking detective whose involvement in the supernatural hi-jinks of his twisted Mythos induced world drew me in and always seems one stepped removed from 'Weird Adventures'. 
There's another little secret that few know about 'Weird Adventures.' The setting is timeless and used in the right way. Any era from the twisted weird D&D inspired setting can lend itself to 50's Twilight zone style high drama, to the mean streets of a "Dragnet Style" world, all the way up to a Grind house movie setting of the 70's.and into the hard boiled 80's slime filled alleys hence why you'll be seeing me use this as both source book and setting.
For a metric ton of mileage from the author visit his blog right over HERE


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  2. All corrected Mr.Causey! That's all and please remember to rewind.

  3. Well done! Love the songs in between and the Pater Gun theme at the end was perfect.

  4. Well I tried and I hope that Trey isn't too sore at me. This post was written at three am and activated during the day. Blogger was acting funky and so the 'name game' was a bit of a problem.
    Anyhow I'll be using the 'Weird Adventures' campaign stuff to pull from for an upcoming edge of the 'Supernaturalpyse'. If you haven't picked up the campaign setting do yourselves a favor and go buy it right now. Its really a fantastic source book and it works on so many levels.