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Splatter Punk 70's & 80's Post Apocalyptic Horror Campaign Sundown Edition Influence - Gothic New York State Random Monster Encounters Table

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Outside of the walls of the minor city states such as Mercy. Things are very dangerous . Travel is by horse mostly, the wagon has made a return. And the woods around touch paranmormal worlds. The world is place twisted by the supernatural energies that leak into our so called reality. There are unholy things in those woods.
Weird cults, horrid monsters, and strange beasts lurk in the woods between worlds here. 

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Gothic New York State Random Monster Encounters Table 
  1. A group of degenerate mutated cavemen 1d8 cultists looking for victims for a slab on an alter. They are lead by two psychopathic 2nd level fighters. Armed with make shift weapons. 
  2. A troop of were rats disguised as traders. They are working for a group of nearby city state cultists. Very dangerous. There is a 10% chance that they are carrying rabies. 
  3. New England Tuatara hunting for victims. This giant lizard blends in with the local trees and is quite hungry. Maxiumum hit points. He is active at night as well having infravision. 
  4. 1d16 zombies! Local sacrifices imbued with the power of the Old Ones. They stumble and blindly mimic life. They suffer from a hunger that can not be filled. 
  5. Giant Woodland crab spider - This monster blends in with the local leaf litter and is looking to store prey in nearby trees for later eating. 
  6. Giant Crow acting as a scout for a local demon cult. This monster loves to pick off victims and blind them. He eats the eyes and leaves the victims to tell the tale. Ranges about twenty miles and then makes the route for prey and bobbles again. 
  7. A pack of 1d8 wolves lead by a dire wolf on a mission for a local shaman. These monsters will slaughter anyone who  gets in the way of their holy mission. 
  8. 1d8 skeleton soldiers animated by the supernatural energies of the woods. They are armed with primitive black power weapons and swords. These bastards are highly intelligent. 
  9. 1d8 traders moving about their business. They are traders but are also spies for the local demon cults gathering intel and targets for sacrifice. 
  10. Lone were wolf warrior moving about the area. He murders and moves on. During the day he is a second level warrior with a slightly psychotic bent.

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