Monday, September 8, 2014

The Gardens Of La Tsing -The Man From K'n-yan - Actual Play Encounter For Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea Part III

Continued from last time's game
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The PC's were captured by the main complex's temple guardians who happened to be their own former comrades that had their flesh reworked into more pleasing shapes by the temple's demonic inhabitants.
Clipart Critters 305 - Surreal Horror
These surreal horrors are the work of Post Mortem's Studios available right over
 The PC's were brought down into the depths of the finely worked stone past a few mind shattering shaggoths and other horrors.The PC's were not pleased at all with the horrors they witnessed on the way downward that they might have to face trying to escape the depths of this place of horror and depravity.
Clipart Critters 28 - Fleshy, Absorbed, Mass
This shapeless horror is available right over
 The guards departed and left the PC's in a stone worked chamber covered with row after row of hyrogpyhis. Suddenly from two side entry ways came their escorts. A pair of nine foot tall mummies of a most particular aspect. Horrors from beyond the grave whose presence unnerved the PC's to know end. Their grasp was like iron and the weird preservatives gave the horrors an unnervingly juicy look.
Clipart Critters 24 - Unraveled Mummy
This undead mummy is available right over

The PC's themselves thought that this was their death song as iron claws of incredible strength pressed into their flesh and their wizard made signs of caution. Still further into the pyramid were they lead past rows of other former priests and other worshipers of foul gods long forgotten on the surface of Hyperborea. But then they were lead to one of the former masters La Tsing.
Passed rows of imprisoned Great Race Of Yith intellectuals working at weird brass stands on the strange bound volumes of forbidden knowledge were the PC's lead. Until they came to a throne room.
The PC's were ushered  into the presence of something old and very dead lurking in the shadows of a throne. The entire party gasped as the lich priest of the pyramid revealed itself.
 Shi Re 'The Wicked One'  the lich priest from K'n-Yan who has dogged the PC's every step ever since they ruined his shrine in Underborea three months ago now faced them. Would they die or was their a worse fate worse then  await them?
Tune in next week and find out!

This vile villain of a lich is available right over
All artwork is used with permission and can be found at the Post Mortem studios store as part of the marvelous stock from Rpgnow. You can find more of this wonderful fantasy clip artwork right over HERE
Special thanks to  Bradley K. McDevitt for the opportunity to show my players exactly what they've been facing down these past couple of months. The monsters are trade marked and copyrighted to the artist and owner.  

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