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1d10 Minor Treasures Of The Ancient Barbarian Kings Table For Your Old School Campaigns

From down below the barrows and the tombs ancient warriors and kings come a plethora of minor treasures that show up in hoards and as the spoils of war across the planes. Who were these ancients now long turned to dust in the far past? Who can say but their legacy and magics are still potent.
1d10  Random Minor Treasures Of
The Ancient  Barbarian Kings Table
  1. The Golden Torc Of Beth Mortha - This torc protects against the curses and arrows of misfortune and danger. The torc will will vibrate when danger approaches within 200 yards of the wearer. The magic of the torc gives the user insight into the unseen world and once per day grants the wearer a vision of the world beyond. The user may see invisible things and beings around him. This ability is fickle and its magic may appear at the DM's discretion.
  2. The Gold Feather Of Shea - This metal feather once belonged to a long forgotten warrior priest. It grants its user the ability of +1 damage to any ordinary arrow, the magic of the feather runs through the flesh of the user. They will develop sensitive ears and be attuned to the wind's direction. Once per new moon the feather can act as a compass for the user and point the direct of the best game. 
  3. The Medallion Of Clan Ferro - This clan symbol of some long forgotten and extinct clan of warriors grants +2 to the Charisma of the user. They will have the silver tongue that this clan was renowned for. But the user will crave to know legends and forbidden secrets, the medallion may call upon myths and legends from previous owners when the owner visits an adventure's location. The user may also be compelled to seek out legendary treasures. 
  4. The Golden Leaves Of Autumns Past - These golden leaves once belonged to a curse race of fairies now long gone. These leaves will seemingly move with unseen winds from the Outer World. The user may once per day use these leaves to find doorways & gateways into 'The Otherworld'. A single leaf may be inscribed with an enchantment to open such a doorway. 
  5. The Key Of Loc Shea - This finely wrought green soap stone key will allow the user to open ancient barrows of the Kings Of Loc Shea. The key will grow warm in the hand of the owner when a treasure of the Loc Shea is near by. The key will also grow cold in the user's hand when a curse or trap of the clan is nearby. Within forty a yard radius if such a trap awaits the poor fool is the range that the key has. 
  6. The Egg of The Dain - This ivory and golden egg will turn as black as pitch in the presence of Undead and necromatic magic. The egg will glow with an internal fire and do 1d6 points of damage to any undead that it touches. The user will remain unharmed from its effects. Once per new moon it may cast a Cure Light Wounds spell if the spirit of the item allows it. 
  7. The Golden Dagger Of Wur - This finely wrought ankle dagger allows the user to stab the shadow soul of a victim and cause incredible pain to the target unless a save vs wands is made. The victim will be at -3 on all actions until the dagger is removed from the shadow of the victim. The dagger can also damage ghosts, specters, spooks, and spirits but the blade will glow red hot during such encounters and may burn the own for 1d4 points of damage. 
  8. The Chalice of Sanru - This finely jeweled chalice allows the owner to create a drought of wine from air once per day. This wine will free the imbuer from the effects of any minor mind effecting spells. The chalice may also create a dram of holy water should the 'chant of Sanru' be uttered once per week. No undead or vampire may ever hold this cup for it will burn their flesh if they should try. 
  9. The Talon Of Cnjui - This finely preserved talon from some ancient monster allows the owner to strike at +2 damage any infernal creature. The Cnjui line were crusaders and warriors against such creatures and their souls can not abide such horrors and they may visit the owner in dreams to grant visions of nearby horrors. The talon is shod with a silver tip. 
  10. The Hand Of The Ancient King - This preserved hand allows the owner the ability to find and pass among the ancient barrows and their horrid guardians. The owner will be recognized as one of the royal line and allowed access to the treasures of such barrows.  Once per day the hand can cast fire ball as per the spell. 

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