Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Gardens Of La Tsing -The Man From K'n-yan - Actual Play Encounter For Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea

The PC's hooked up with the rest of their  numbers and reinforcements after a couple of months ago's TPK which left only a few survivors. They were working as mercenary spies for a local warlord with ties to the royal families back in the main city state of Khromarium under the guise of trade and commerce. 

After penetrating deep into the wet and fetid jungles the PC's proceeded for seven days into the Hyperborean wilds. They had encounter with weird cannibal warriors and combat was quick as well as decisive. They weren't taking any chances.
After a grueling trek deep into the jungles, the party heard the unearthly music coming from the other side of the jungles.
The PC's stumbled upon an earthen tunnel/vent as they quickly and quietly made their way toward's the pyramid. Larcus The Quick Fingered opened the complicated locking mechanism and amid the hot winds that blew from underground the party decided to take the back door into the complex.
Jade works, cut crystal batteries, and stranger mechanisms greeted them. There were other things as well down below. The air was choked with the stench of burning jungle lotus. Its cloying smell waffled through the air as a phantom of death and harshness.
 After dealing with a vent slime that kept the jade tunnels clear of debris. The party came upon a stone worked antechamber filled with priests gathered around the glow of a Atlantian power battery. Its weird psychic - magical energies caused their very bones to glow with it's unholy power.
Upon an alter a man was bound and he was tortured as the light from Kyranos shown. The priests watched with hooded eyes and blank expressions as his screams filled the chamber.
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Kyranos was high in the skies of Hyperborea and through a series of mirrors shone into the chamber lighting up the entire scene with colours never seen on Earth. The priests basked in its light and seemed renewed. That's when the party saw him. A slim and dusky individual clothed in jade and worked silvery finery, a priest like figure at whose side a strange worm like mechanism of singular workmanship coiled and moved with unholy grace.
The PC's cleric and wizard shivered, they've had dealings with eternal K'n-Yan
They had learned the tongues and rites of those unholy places and almost been sent to Carcosa for sacrifice and worse. Fortunately a strange alliance of time lost warriors and adventurers had come to their resauce. But the price was very high indeed as they still bore the silvery scar tissues across their backs and the strange glowing burns that the mines of Koth had caused. Only expensive magical healing had saved their lives.
A priest necromancer from Eternal K'n-yan was here in Tsing? This was unthinkable these ancient enemies were always at each other's throat. 
 Only the PC's knew the threat that a Tsing and K'n-Yan alliance would be to Hyperborea. 
This could spell doom for the surrounding villages as the unholy atomic horrors from K'n-yan erupted into the surrounding countryside even as undead shock troops swept across the countryside.
The PC's listened as  conversations in High  Xinai├ín and Atlantian outlined the coming campaign of horror and depravity for their patron's holdings. But this was only the beginning. 
 The PC's never heard the undead spiderlike things that were their former comrades slide upon the roof tiles above them nor did they have time to react as they were captured.
More to come! 

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