Friday, June 27, 2014

Review on 100 Merchants & Their Goods From Fishwife Games For Your Old School Sword and Sorcery Campaigns

Grab It Right
There are times when a party of PC's pulls into a harbor or market place and you need a whole laundrey list of merchants who will provide equipment, new adventure opportunities, meetings, important NPC's, and more. All this sometimes has to be done at the drop of a hat and here's where this product fits the bill.
100 Merchants & Their Goods by Fish Wife games is a two page list of merchants and their goods. With a bit of reworking this list can provide the DM with targets who have been robbed by thieves, a list of goods for trade and merchants willing to trade, and as a last minute source of material for your old school games.
According to the blurb from Drivethrurpg : 100 Merchants & Their Goods
A collection of 100 merchant names to be dropped into any fantasy caravan or open marketplace. In addition to the names of the merchants, the list provides the most common/important goods and commodities that these traders are transporting/selling.
I see so much more there with this list.

Using The 100 Merchants & Their Goods 
For your Old School Campaigns

Using this list a DM can fill out a market place or bizarre fast and have opportunities to flesh out the NPC's as needed. The list can also be used as way of filling out targets that been hit in those lighting raids so common in sword and sorcery fiction.
The list can also provide a way of hooking adventurers in their vital re equipping stage  of adventuring. There are tons of opportunities where merchants can be used as hook, line, and adventure sinker in a sword and sorcery campaign. This list provides at of endless opportunities for adventure. Need a list of potential kidnap  targets for  your raiders? Well here you go. Need a merchant in some out of the way province? We've got you covered there as well. This list provides the DM with yet another tool to pull out and use as fodder for their games. 

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