Friday, June 6, 2014

Commentary On The d-infinity Live! Series 3, Ep. 23: Go to Hell! For Your Old School Campaigns

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I've only recently been introduced  to the controlled craziness that is the d- Infinty series of video chats and hangouts. The crew goes over a number of old school topics and generally cover a lot of ground.  I don't have the capacity to get involved with these events. However this event covered a subject near and dear to my heart. Adventuring in the Afterlife as well as Heaven and Hell. This is a subject near and dear to my heart and goes all the way back to very roots of our hobby. Dragon magazine covered choruses of  the major angels, the legendary nine Hells were depicted by Mr. Moore, and there have been numerous products covering these  subjects going all the way back to Judge's Guild. But I heard no mention of one of my favorite plot devices that gets PC's up to their necks in Afterlife affairs.
Hellmouths! These horrors are schisms in the fabric of reality that can lead right into the very bowels themselves. Part demonic horror and gateway these things devour the sinners and anyone else that gets into their gnashing teeth. They can appear anywhere across creation where the forces of Hell have been summoned in the past. These things have a low grade malevolent intelligence of cunning evil as they lay in wait for anyone who comes their way.
Hellmouths have deep connects to other demonic monsters such as Leviathan and the whale that swallowed Jonah. Hellmouths can appear anywhere when they slip the bonds of the angels and guardians that hold the keys which lock them outside of the planes Prime.
Often times these horrors can appear outside of populated cities and the like camouflaging themselves and devouring anyone who seemingly wanders into their areas of influence. At other times these horrors have been known to vomit foth hordes of the damned, lesser demons, and devils who plague cities and towns. The powers of Hell are let loose upon a providence and population centers. Only adventurers journeying into Hell may stop these invasions at great cost. More information on Hell Mouths can found right over HERE

1d10 Random Encounters With Hell Mouths Table 
  1. A horde of 1d8 minor demons is encountered and attacks the party. The PC's suddenly see the demonic fury of the Hellmouth! 
  2. A ghost of the newly dead is encountered with a 40% chance of being related to one of the PC's and bringing a dire warning about the Hellmouth nearby. The fool is then captured by demons and dragged back to the place of the damned. 
  3. A group of panicked survivors from a nearby town are fleeing en mass warning about the terrors of the nearby Hellmouth. There is a 10% chance that some form of undead is actually among them and waiting to pick off a few. 
  4. A very nasty devil like entity has exited the mouth is getting ready to raze a town to the ground. It is working with the Hellmouth the secure and devour the innocent! 
  5. A horde of minor hell spawned gremlins is causing all kinds of trouble. Is there a Hellmouth nearby causing the trouble? 
  6. A minor artifact not seen in five hundred years makes an appearance nearby and there is a warning of a Hellmouth coming! 
  7. A group of religious fanatics is causing mayhem nearby as a Hellmouth has manifested. Only a group of adventurers can curb their excesses. 
  8. A cult has sprung up feeding villagers to the Hellmouth. Actually these are minor demons in disguise and are causing major political mayhem as well. 
  9. A Hell mouth has sprung up right in the middle of the most populous city and only a brave crew of adventurers can save it! It has become literally Hell on Earth. 
  10. Your group comes face to face with A Hellmouth ready to feed you to Hell itself. What will you do?

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