Thursday, June 26, 2014

AFS Magazine Issue #5 Has Been Released! For Your Old School Campaigns

Grab it Right Over 

Well it looks like I've been asleep at the wheel on this one, on June 16th my birthday AFS Magazine was released. This is the print old school magazine that a number of old school authors and designers work on. This issue's focus is on the works of Michael Moorcock, perhaps one of my all time favorite authors. The issue's content reads like a love letter to that great fantasy author. 
According to the AFS website: 
AFS Magazine Issue #5 is released! - and available for purchase. It contains a full color cardstock cover, & a color map is 45 pages long and will be sent by parcel mail. Each copy costs $10.00 USA Domestic includes shipping, $12.00 Canada includes shipping, $15.75 International includes shipping. It includes old school gaming adventures, tables, a short fiction piece and articles with a nod to the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, Jack Vance, Robert E Howard, and Clark Ashton Smith.
*AFS 5 contains a special focus on the writings of Michael Moorcock*

AFS Magazine #5   - Table of Contents

Adventure - The Dogs of Muskovia written for the Chaosium Hawkmoon  RPG by  Shannon Appelcline

Weapon - Naladamar – also known as the Black Sword, Nightbringer, the Dead Sword, and the Vampire Blade
By Allan T. Grohe, Jr (grodog)

Adventure - Post Apoc Germania, 2512 A.D written for the Chaosium Hawkmoon RPG by Scott Moberly

Fiction – The House of the Sphinx by Lord Dunsany (1912)

Adventure – The Howling Caves of Sorrow by Tim ‘Turgenev’ Hartin, for any Classic D&D rule set levels 6-8

Interview – Ken St Andre talks with AFS about his time working on the Stormbringer RPG by Chaosium

Adventure – The Stories of the Ship of the Dead written for the Chaosium Stormbringer RPG by Shannon Appelcline

Article - Hyperborean Grimoires by the Scribe Lestrade

•    (Editor’s note: The cover art depicted is by Susan Seddon-Boulet and is copyright SSB c1987,  used by grateful permission of Eric Boulet .)
 This issue shall be mine! Looking so forward to getting my hands on this one. 

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