Wednesday, January 30, 2013

1d20 Spicy Thieves, Rogues, And Poisoners Random Table For Your Old School Horror Campaign

File:Spicy Mystery Stories June 1936.jpg

1d20 Spicy Thieves, Rogues, And Poisoners Random Table 

  1. This male prostitute leads a double life as foreign agent selling secrets from within his bag of tricks. He also keeps several enchanted knives in the bag as well. 
  2. This actress has a hidden agenda and a dark secret in her past that forces her to sell information to the highest bidder 
  3. This information broker is a respectable jeweler by day and a serial killer by night. He knows many dark secrets he is willing to impart to the right bidder
  4. This man works as a janitor and knows the hidden tunnels that run throughout the city. He'll show you for a price. 
  5. This man is a map maker with a taste for forbidden flesh and a professional forger. He keeps a secret diary of his jobs and day to day activities. 
  6. This woman is a cat burger with a family secret involving the local mob. She's willing to trade favors 
  7. A local prostitute who works for both the police chief and a local bounty hunter but now he's in deep trouble 
  8. A second story man who works the docks and is a cultist looking to get out. 
  9. A watch maker who repairs gear for the local thieves guild and various adventurers. Cut rates on his work 
  10. A poisoner who poses as a food inspector who likes blondes and is looking for a new racket 
  11. A cabinet performer who works for a kidnapping racket and is selling secrets 
  12. A stripper whose brother works for the mob and needs a favor 
  13. Lady accountant who works for the city and the mob. She's selling numbers on both to the highest bidder. Looking for romance 
  14. Bail bondsman/lawyer who gets adventurers out of jams. He's an old perv with a cute daughter 
  15. A good for nothing former adventurer who runs a bar specializing in hot leads for get rich quick schemes. He's on the level but in deep trouble with the mob
  16. A kindly hobo who spins yearns about the locals. Actually a master thief looking for an apprentice. 
  17. A nun dealing second rate poisons from her habit and nunnery  Very slick and dangerous to cross. 
  18. Ring dealer and junk jewelry dealer whose actually a master alchemist for hire. 
  19. Kindly mature teacher whose actually an import/export smuggler dealing in jewels 
  20. A former mob boss who now runs a local bar and needs help with his daughter. A wild hellion whose actually a master assassin involved with the cult of Cthulhu

    File:Spicy Mystery Stories June 1935.jpg