Thursday, February 13, 2014

Review and Commentary On The Free OSR Product - The Old School Dungeons - Crypt of the Dread Lord From Crypt Thing Press For The Astonishing Swordsmen And Sorcerers of Hyperborea Rpg System

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This is a system agnostic product that is perfect for a pulptastic set of ruins for your old school sword and sorcery game or as an Atlantian pile of ruins for AS&SH.
Because of the laying of the pdf this product is perfect for dealing with the multi complex situations that seem to crop up in AS&SH games over and over again. 
In three pages you get everything you need for an extended play of AS&SH all for free add in the monsters and motives for the PCs then your good to go.
From The Drive Thru rpg blurb: 
Crypt of the Dread Lord
What horrors await within the burial crypt of the fabled Dread Lord? Who among you are foolish enough to brave the depths of this mysterious dungeon?
In this Old School Dungeon you will find a map of an ancient crypt, although it is designed to be generic enough to fit a multitude of uses. 

Welcome to Crypt Thing Press’ Old School Dungeons!

The Old School Dungeons product line offers you old school style dungeon maps for use in your role playing games. Whether you build an adventure around the location or just need a quick map for when the players run off the beaten path, Old School Dungeons has you covered.

Each dungeon map comes layered with room numbers, dungeon dressing, and secrets, so you can enable as much or as little information as is needed for your purposes.
 Much of the material can easily be customized into the AS&SH mindset and the material taken to create a very pulpish and solid background for this dungeon. Monsters from AS&SH should easily transfer over allowing that extra edge of material where needed. 
 Over all the feel and temper of the dungeon should invite further exploration of this crypt and the DM shouldn't think anything of dropping even more hints, tips, and tricks to this one. The dungeon is well done and solid but sparse in effect but that is to be expected for this style of product. The best thing about this one is that it's free. Easy to adapt, customize, sell to your players as a mid level dungeon inside an on going sword and sorcery campaign.  

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