Tuesday, February 11, 2014

1d10 After The Raid Of The Serpent Men Random Encounter Table For Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea

1d10 After The Raid Of The Serpent Men Random Encounter Table
  1. A small child comes from out of the destruction covered in a fine network of tattoos and weird serpent men glyphes. What do they mean and why do her eyes seem to prick and dance with firelight? 
  2. 1d8 sub human stunted and dwarfed humanoids pick and root around the bodies. They appear to be looking for some one or some thing. They haveleather d instruments or tools. There is a 20% chance of some technological artifact among them. They  will scatter at the first sign of trouble. 
  3. A group of degenerate serpent men humanoid hybrid warriors 2nd level fighters armed with flint spears, clubs, and small shields works among the dead carrying off bodies for their masters. They have a small bag filled with kidneys,eyes, and other body parts. 
  4. A full serpent man wizard moves across the scene looking for an ancient artifact. 70% chance of having a technological treasure. 4th level wizard and capable of great evil. 
  5. A group of undead ju ju zombie hybrids moves among the remains here feeding on the dead and performing horrid rites to their ancient gods. There is 20% chance of some horror descending from the stars this night to their ministrations. They look for the stars to be right. 
  6. A lone pack of subhuman survivors stumbles from the darkness. They're sanity has been blasted beyond all endurance and their minds hum with demonic possession. One demon inhabits all of them after coming down from the stars. The thing has a hidden agenda and is moving out into the world. 
  7. An ancient alien has been awoken from a long slumber the thing is armed with an technological blaster that does 1d6 points of damage to anything in a forty yard range. It wishes to contact its descendants here on Hyperborea. It has a near by saucer but needs certain humanoid brain parts for its computers. Yours might do. 
  8. An ancient Hound of Tindalos has been awakened from its long slumber by the serpent men and now stalks the countryside. An ancient tablet may send it back to its frozen nether hells of time and space. 
  9. 1d8 constructs of the Great Race have awakened and begun to carry out their last orders and collecting the locals for experimentation. A serpent man has taken charge of this ancient installation and oversees the project. Nearby a shaggoth powers the place. 
  10. The Serpent men have awakened a Star Spawn of Cthulhu and the thing is breaking free of its ancient crypt. Are the stars right? 

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