Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Random Swamp Monster Encounter Table For Your Old School Horror Campaigns

Random Swamp Monster Encounter Table 
  1. Four hit dice pile of muck and human bones that used to be your friendly neighbor. Hits with 1d4 points of damage per strike 
  2. 3 hit dice corpse combination/undead zombie thing that hungers for flesh and revenge 1d8 per strike plus 30% of disease 
  3. 2 hit dice muck mites each bites for 1d3 points of damage there are three of the little bastards 
  4. Full swamp god, this 43 hit point piece of land is capable of telling the future or your dark destiny and kicking ass for 1d8 points of damage per strike 
  5. Wolly swamp man, this cantankerous old bastard is a part of nature and a 3rd level wizard who knows where the gold is buried. Very dangerous and devious character a real part of the rural legends of the area 
  6. "That which dwells" an undead gesalt made from the souls of lost adventurers and explorers. This 8 point collection of insanity spins tales and ironic punishments with its 1d6 point strikes. 
  7. "Old Silas" part hoodoo priest/part muck monster and all bass ass jazz player.Who spins the legends of the swamp and the call of the xombis in his area. 4 hit point monster/ 12 level bard/ xombi master/ 3rd level wizard. Made from the bones of those wizards lost in this swamp. 
  8. "The new business man" Former mob boss who is now a mindless engine of destruction. Only feel of gold brings him peace. Made from 1d8 hit points/ bits of his former gang. Strikes for 1d8 points of acidic/sewage damage. Has 300 in gold coins within his rotting body 
  9. "Group On" the former bus load of a group of coupon clipping shoppers who have tumbled into the swamp. 5 hit point muck monster that attacks with 7 pairs of rusty scissors. 1d4 points per of damage per strike. 30% of this thing talking/screaming/raging about the latest bargains. 
  10. "They who smell fear" a combination swamp god whose chaotic nature causes untold misery for those around it. A 40 hit point nightmare of misery, corpses, swamp rot and nastiness. A strike from its hellfire laced fists does 1d6 points of burning damage. A devil tries to tempt heroes into slaying it so it can return its miserable soul back to hell. 

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