Friday, February 22, 2013

Five Mirrors Of Terror For Your Old School Horror Campaigns

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 Five Mirrors Of Terror
  1. Etulariaelago's Glass - This intricate piece of bronze and glass seems almost warm to the touch. Created in Germany in the 1600's this wonderful piece not only reflects the owner but their hidden desires that seem to dark right out of the corner of their eyes. The piece contains a "phantasmal force entity" - This 4 hit point monster will do the owners bidding for a time but after 1d4 months the beast will tire of the current owner and look for a more malevolent master. The thing travels through the mirrors or reflective surfaces of world carefully choosing it's moment to strike. The thing's claw of light and hate wounds for 1d6 points of damage and most of its kills are arranged to look as if accidents. 
  2. Glandurchilkor's Vision - This cheap five and dime creation from Japan is actually the work of a gifted street shaman from the 60's. The glass shows the reflection of the person gazing into it and the state of their soul. A Pit fiend of the most cunning type has been bound into the thing and wishes the most secret desire of the holder and how to carry out these cunning plans. The demon will offer more and more twisted tid bits of wisdom but there is a price. There is always a price. The mirror can't be destroyed, it heals as if a troll. The glass has many twisted bits of plastic and brass along its edge giving some insight into its history. 
  3. Hael The Travelers  Friend - This glass will take a user between this world and the four other dimensional locations or alternative worlds its connected with. Getting back requires luck, blood, and enduring the horrors found between the worlds. This piece was created more then one hundred years ago by a mad optician using bits of his own mind. The piece has a wicked sense of humor as well. 
  4. Korgogbar's Goblin - This incredibly expensive piece of brass, polished glass, and stone work is actually the body of Hans Korgobar who was twisted into this amazing work. Hans stumbled upon a goblin magician and for his troubles became basis of this piece. The mirror reflects not only the user but the darkest aspects of the world of faerie as well. They see you and you see them. The mirror bestow's a twisted version of the "fey sight" but only allows one to see the darkest aspects of that world. Only a quest of the highest horror always one to gain the full sight but madness may claim you by then. 
  5. Loduguli The Lake's Surface - This glass reflects no only the roadway upon which it sat but also the lochs, lakes, and bodies of water around the world. The mirror however has a price for those gaze into its surface. A water spirit of the darkest stripe takes the dearest one of the owner of this piece of road way glass. 
    The glass allows the owner to see and hear all going on around each and every lake this piece is connected to and travel to those places almost instantly. The glass will take a person sometimes randomly every 1d8 months. It is a very hungry piece. 
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