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1d11 Dark Alchemist Random Encounter Table For Your Old School Horror Games

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1d10 Dark Alchemist Random Encounter Table 
  1. Hela And Her Twisted Children - This doll maker and ancient alchemist steals the breath of children imbuing their very souls into her little children. She moves among the midwives and lower classes "helping" where she can. Hela is infact an ancient lich from Greece who has survived for thousands of years a dark and twisted thing. 
  2. Dr.Ilagwet - guru and cult leader this dark alchemist moves among the circles of London's power elite dispensing advice and information while gaining the souls of his clients to be twisted into undead things after death. 
  3. Kamminglartu The Loner - This Romanian national has survived being burned alive three times and creates incredible steam powered minions to despense his twisted brand of justice to those he deems worthy. A very dangerous alchemist and magus of the highest order. 
  4. Kaniako- The mad draper of Japan - This madman creates his minions in twisted swaths of fabric, blood, and machinery. These 6 hit point works of twisted demonic art move and are the rave of the art world. Little do those who encounter them know of the 1d4 damaging blades that will pop out for murder and mayhem. 
  5. Languntundrth- The terror of Iceland, this mad killer of men has passed beyond the caring of humanity after murdering 33 people within the vacation spots of Iceland.His wind up creations of flesh, bone, and vice simply watch and report of the next set of victims to their master. He's become something dark, twisted, and dangerous. Existing in this world and the dark beyond of someplace else. He works with his tools and his power. 
  6.  The Escort Nalialae- She has so many names and they all resemble the most perfect models of the runway. She is a dark almagam of flesh, clockwork, and bits of the most "perfect" flesh she can mold into herself. It is said that each and everyone of her victims is a part of herself some of which are their willingly. She moves among the one percent of the jaded,rich, and wealthy. 
  7. Ndron- A lord of the cemetary and beyond. His roots start in the United Kingdom and have extended deep into the family backgrounds of Europe and America. His criminial empire provides him with the raw fodder for dark and twisted creations of clockwork, soul, and spirit willing to show others the wonders of the other world. 
  8. Rcae- A mad monster working within the deep bowels of the richest of the abandon cities of China where he sews immortality into flesh. A student of the flesh tenders of Leng this mad man releases his fantastic creations of soul and clockwork as weapons of incredible destructive power upon the enemies of the state.They vanish and move among the rubble finding new "materials" for their master. He or rather it has become a dark twisted thing of nightmare and undeath. 
  9. Rthabara- The Death of Calcutta, the Butcher of Needle, the worker of the skiens and souls of mankind. It has so many names but evidence of its work moves among the night in a whirl of clockwork, death, destruction, and murder. This twisted assassin is highly paid but is money its real modivation? Its presence is merely a whisper on the winds of police blotters, international crime watches, and the occasional conspiracy website. 
  10. Shiring- The creation of some made Dark Alchemist centuries ago this thing has taken up its master's old ways or is it infact as some speculate its old master. It is a twisted creation of dark alchemy, spite, and murder that moves through the Dutch countryside spreading its evil of clock work, and carrion with abandon. It has killed fifteen police officers with its traps that it leaves behind. 
  11. Vatualur- The Canadian Killer of Men or the Death Weaver - This thing has so many names that its spiderlike frame can contain them all. It sews up its victims into amalgam of flesh, bone, and clock work and sends its minions on errands of horror. The thing haunts families through the centuries harvesting those it deems worthy of its dark gifts. The thing black mails the elite for "favors" playing a twisted game of chess and murder. A game that shall last centuries on and on. We are merely insects caught in its web.

Roll 1d10 as per normal for your players but let there be one more horrific encounter that simply happens to pop up at the end.
Happy Gaming 

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