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Review and Commentary On Fish Wife Games 100 Inhabitants Of A Naughty Sea Side Tavern For Your Old School Campaigns

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 My games have a tendancy to be on the rough side of town where the brothels, pirates, and the usual wretched hives of scum and villainy are. This is where this product comes in handy. Fishwife games creates very nice but fast random lists on the cheap. This is a great little niche product when you a fast cut throat or nasty encounter very quickly. This is a prefect little product for a Lamentations of The Flame Princess style game or any old school retroclone campaign that walks a bit on the wild side.
 With a bit of work this product could also be used for a random encounter in a horror style campaign.
This is a simple and concise product that fills its niche very well. And for the price of a hamburger off the dollar menu, its got a wide variety of uses.
According to the Drivethrurpg blurb: 
100 Inhabitants Of A Naughty Sea Side Tavern
100 Inhabitants of a rather rough and tumble coastal drinking hole. Some of these folks live up to the foul reputation of the public house while others would do well to flee the premises while they still have their coin, dignity, or body parts intact. This file was created for fantasy to colonial pirate role playing in mind, but is suitable for most coastal fantasy settings as well. Document contains the individuals first name and surname along with a brief description.

Using 100 Inhabitants Of A Naughty Sea Side Tavern
For Your Old School Campaigns


When it comes to sea side pulp style action the tavern is the center of activity and this list fills in a great need for fast random adventure encounters. I've been looking at this list and thinking it could even be used as part of a Spell Jammer style campaign if necessary. There are some great NPC's whom with a bit of work could be some minor campaign links. 

The style here is both nautical and has a bit of an edge that leans towards a mix of pirates, thieves guilds, and cut throats. 
From ship hire, to smuggling, to slavery, all of these degenerate and nasty folks are here some place waiting to be unleashed on your PC's. 
These are not folks that you'd be hanging around with unless you were up to no good. The PC's should watch their backs and purses with these folks on this list. All in all this is a very useful and interesting list of NPC's that can fill any number of roles in your games. This is only one of a wide variety of pirate themed products from the twisted mind of Dave Woodrum. 

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