Sunday, August 24, 2014

1d10 Minor Treasures of Ancient Sorcerers Table For The Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers Of Hyperborea Rpg

1d10 Random Minor Treasures of Ancient Sorcerers Table
  1. Dagger of mother of pearl handle made from the collected tears of a thousand innocents. The dagger causes despair and melancholy in those it cuts. The dagger can also be used to cut away bits and pieces of the human soul. The dagger drips tears every 1d4 rounds and must be looked after. 
  2. A bag of twelve gold coins of some foreign currency that can be used as passage to the lands of dead. The coins actually belong to a minor demon who has taken them from the fillings of a fallen god. The coins allow one passage to the exact soul that user wants to find. The demon is content to allow them to keep them in circulation. It keeps his name within the realms of the living. The coins are kept in a pouch made from the skin of a king. 
  3. A key used in festival that may unlock the desires of the forbidden. The key will conform to a lock after it is rubbed across the mechanism. This key once belonged to rather unsavory wizard who is still looking for it. 
  4. The jeweled eye of a demon of the Outer Darkness that grants the sight of ages. The user may know how to use and see how to use a forgotten treasure of Atlantis, Mu, or Lemuria. The eye must be implanted within the user's  socket however and their own eye sacrificed to the demon before it can be used. Its other powers are nebulous at best. 
  5. A jar containing the pickled heart of an innocent that beats in time to the Outer Darkness and lets a mage know the best time to sacrifice a supplicant to make the stars right temporarily. 
  6. A stone tablet that contains the sliced remains of an serpent man's soul. The thing is still alive after a fashion and suffering. It will answer any sorcerer's questions put to it to the best of its ability. Its an ancient old thing of devious and evil aspect however. It will seek to corrupt those it contacts. 
  7. A mysterious silver mechanism whose function is unknown and whose configuration changes every 1d4 rounds. A noisy little thing of magic and forbidden sciences that twists this way and that way. 
  8. The lock of a succubus's hair and some nail clippings in an envelop of velum sealed with wax and a rune of old times. 
  9. A claw of some ancient Lovecraftian beast shod in gold and silver as a drinking horn. The thing glows with colours from beyond the ken of mankind. Its function unknown. 
  10. A page from a proto Necronomicon with weird and strange diagrams that twist and whirl as you look at them. There is hidden writing on the thing that shows in moonlight. Translation unknown.  


  1. Cool. I could see there being a lot of use!

  2. These were a part of a set of tables that I used in last Weds Night's AS&SH game. If your interested I can put up on the blog the next set of tables as well. Thanks for the comment and more coming up soon.