Monday, December 16, 2013

Free OSR Sword and Sorcery Adventure ~ The Evil of Witches Fen From Taskboy Games

The Evil of Witches Fen
Get It Right
I love easy adventures that can be adapted right into existing campaigns. The type of OSR adventures that are simply a print out, read, and run style of fun for an evening. This is that type of adventure. Its well written, concise, and interesting fun for the whole group,
According to the Drivethru description: 
Completing your last mission brought you to Lankwick, a town best forgotten.  You await the infrequent arrival of a ship to return you to civilized lands.  In the meantime, danger, disease and even treasure can be found in the evil reaches of Witches Fen.
This one-page hex-crawl adventure is for 4-6 characters of levels 4-7 using Labrynth Lord core rules and includes a players map of the area.

In two pages this adventure provides a nice 'inbetween encounter' for a S&S party and has a nice twist or two to get the party's panties in a knot. This isn't a grinder by any means, simply a whole lot of issues waiting to happen to adventurers between mayhem!
 There are some nice horror movie touches in this one and it does remind me of a Saturday night drive in movie in some sense. Played right and this one could lead to some other bits of nastiness down the road.
 Its well done and interesting
Grab it while you can folks. 

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