Thursday, August 29, 2013

Free Burgs & Bailiffs [PDF] By Paolo Greco For Your Old School Horror Campaigns

Burgs and Bailiffs is a pretty unusual magazine that actually has articles about the horrors of warfare, disease, and weirdness in the Middle Ages that can easily be slipped into your favorite retroclone. 

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 This is thirty three pages of sheer OSR awesomeness guaranteed to up the horror factor for your favorite Gothic horror or simple retroclone. 
"Here's what you get with this issue according to Lulu:
Do you want to make your medieval RPG more medieval and grim? Browse no further! Burgs & Bailiffs is a 'zine full of articles on the European Middle Ages written specifically for roleplaying game use (absolutely guaranteed not peer reviewed). With articles on justice, tournament, warfare, cities, illness and medicine Burgs & Bailiffs will bring more a more historical feeling to your game."

Using Burgs & Bailiffs [PDF] By Paolo Greco

Since I've been going through Jack Sheer's World Between material I've been looking around for a bit more support for the pulptastic campaigns that have been turning up lately.
This magazine came up in the search and I'm happy to say that ninety nine percent of the material is actually useful. The articles in here are compatible with most if not all of the retroclones out on the market.
This is actually a pretty slick little publication already on its third issue(I'll be reviewing that pdf soon enough). The authors actually seem to care what the heck their putting out and this seems like another winner in my book.
Note that that this is less Warhammer Fantasy and more historically accurate seen through a glass darkly. For a game Gothic horror game these magazines are a must. The author has a very successful blog that actually supports the magazine and his own retroclone.
The material however is very well done and actually does a bang up job with the time period.
**** out of five stars 

The author's blog can be found right over


  1. Glad you found it intriguing Tom and I've got more coming up with B&B soon. Thanks for the comment and enjoy!