Friday, January 11, 2013

1d20 Random Encounters Flesh Golems Table For Your Old School Horror Campaign

1d20 Random Encounters Flesh Golems Table
  1. This creature has been created from the bodies of different religious pilgrims and murmurs the praises of many different gods. He or rather it wanders the country side preaching a weird blend of heretical knowledge to those how will listen. There is a 50% chance of the monster knowing a forbidden vile piece of gossip about the gods. It has the abilities of a 2nd level cleric 
  2. This scarecrow like being has been created from the corpse of  a farmer who has lost his land to foreclosure and now seeks bankers blood to fertilize the lands that he now watches over. 
  3. This zombie like creature is actually the charred remains of a high level wizard who was burned up within his own tower. He now seeks those in need of the services of a mage and offers a more psychical approach to the needs of his clients. He has a 60% magic resistance as the energies that animate him are not phased by the reality altering nature of magic. 
  4. The Scorned Woman - A former cleric of a goddess of love animated by the fires that destroyed her temple now seeks those whose love was broken by in justice. She will offer her services as a 2nd level cleric and wreck vengeance upon evil doers. Her goddess still heeds her pleases.
  5. This fighter is made from the bodies of the former members of his tribe who were sewn together by the village wise woman. He wanders the worlds as a mercenary offering his services to the cause of justice. A 4th level fighter who flesh is an odd patch work of rot and rock hard muscle. He carries a +2 sword called The Spirit of Lightning 
  6. The Drowned Fool - A former jester created from the court he once served. This acrobat and jester entertains children and deals murder at night. The magic of vengence courses through him and every night he may release a 1d4 damage lightning strike like bolt of energy. He is very chaotic in the extreme. 
  7. The Post Man - A creature created from the body of a drowned post man who still carries out his route. None of his coworkers have noticed he is dead and decayed. Mostly mindless but every full moon he murders.Again and again. 
  8. The Combination - A gaggle of bodies that has been animated by a lightning strike and now lives in the sewers beneath your local city. He or it hears all and sells the information to the highest bidder. 
  9. The secretary - This shapely rotted corpse has been created from a secretary pool. Now a mob boss that takes out her competition. This creature is ruthless, efficient, lawful, and relies on her great organizational skills. A crack shot with her pearl handle forty five. 
  10. The Magical Cross Word - This creature is a jumble of words, pictures, and ideas made flesh. He mumbles in a see saw cross word like language as he rips his victims apart. Chaotic in the extreme and blamed for 35 murders as a psycho killer of the worst nature. A true mad monster 
  11. The Indian Warrior - A native American warrior animated by the spirit of vengeance that wants the ones responsible for the murder of his trip. 4th level fighter armed with a war club and a bad attitude.  Chaotic and unpredictable. 
  12. The Stranger - Created by a mage from a train wreck. This blank faced monster wanders the world scanning the world around him with a faceless visage  This character is a 4th level psychic with telepathic abilities. Chaotic and very nasty disposition. 
  13. The dead presidents - This creature is the sum of 32 presidents that feels it has the right to rule and murder anyone who stands in the way of its agenda. Chaotic and nuts. 
  14. The Judge - This bastard still rules his court with an iron hand. Literally the hands of his wrought iron. He has secret knowledge of the way that law works.
  15. Between The Facts - This weirdly sewn bunch of bodies doesn't remember anything except he was once a reporter for a major news paper and continues on with the job. 
  16. The Templar  - This suit of armor is the home to a vile creature whose been created from his high school science experiments. The creature has 1800 strength and once nothing more then the bits and pieces of several classes 
  17. This creature resembles a zombie but is actually a roboast flesh golem created from the bodies of those slain in car accident. It now seeks vengeance on drivers of SUVs
  18. The Accursed King - This creature is made from the corpse of a king and his complete court. The vile creature is roaming the land for those who created him 
  19. This creature is actually the sewn together bodies of 340 pygmy like natives who are looking for their former home. The creature will use blow guns, knives and anything it can get its hands on to murder and kill those around it. Loves to use a straight razor on victims 
  20. The monster has been created from the flesh of comic book fans and thinks of as a super hero. Flashy and very strong this creature regenerates as a troll. Will not kill but will maim



  1. Cool! What film is the photo from?

  2. "Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter"
    Glad you liked the table there's more coming up Trey.