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Zombies: The Chilling Archives of Horror Comics Vol. 3 review & comme

Zombies: The Chilling Archives of Horror Comics Vol. 3

From the banned 1950s horror comics that Dr. Fredric Wertham of the U.S. Senate and mothers didn't want innocent children to devour comes a terrifying and timely anthology of comics of the undead... Zombies. These gruesome mini-masterpieces are hauntingly delineated by some of the Golden Age's greatest artists: Jack Cole, Bob Powell, Howard Nostrand, Wally Wood, Gene Colan, Lou Cameron, Reed Crandall, and others at their very best. The nightmarish scripts of the unstoppable living dead will make your spine freeze over in terror! Edited and designed by Eisner winner Craig Yoe with an introduction by the host of the popular "The Horrors of It All" vintage comics blog, Steve "Karswell" Banes, Zombies follows in the footsteps of the "Dick Briefer's Frankenstein" and "Bob Powell's Terror" as the third not-to-be-missed book in The Chilling Archives of Horror Comics! As with the entire line of Yoe Books, the reproduction techniques employed strive to preserve the look and feel of expensive vintage comics. Painstakingly remastered, enjoy the closest possible recreation of reading these comics when first released. 

 Horror comics from the 50s are a pretty untapped market for the horror role playing DM. There have been lots of blogs written about the subject but Chilling archive series are some of the best. This style of comic is both weird & haunted tracing its roots all the way back to the pulps like Weird Tales & many others.
The gerne has had a huge voice in the form of  Steve "Karswell" Banes who knows his stuff especially with the "The Horrors of It All" vintage comics blog.
Gerne certain has its formula roots in old school horror games such as the Chill rpg 

This collection follows the theme of undeath right through its horror bound roots & certainly is one of the better quality efforts that I've seen. The  "Dick Briefer's Frankenstein" which came out earlier this year was one of the nicest collections of the material that I've seen. This one is no exception. The assembled horror talent from yesteryear is very impressive & certainly echoes through eternity. This is one of those collections that you have to see to use though. You can buy it right over 

Using Zombies: The Chilling Archives of Horror Comics
As Source Matieral For Your OSR Horror Game 

There are metric ton of stuff to pull from in this book. The horror adventures created from these comics are going to be very different from something set in the 1920s like a typical Call of Cthulhu adventure. More often then not the type of horror found are going to be more one on one PC based. There are races, items, etc that can be found throughout the horror comics of the 40s & 50s but their very different. The feel is one that has an urban appeal. The big city & all of its noir glory features quite well in many of these tales. The monsters most often break the mold that we've seen in both OD&D and AD&D. The fact is that many of these monsters are former victims with a revenge motif or something worse.
Items are always trouble. The magic item of the horror comic from this time is the curse item. This can really set these things apart from the tradition horror of even a Ravenloft style game. The weird & completely horrifying is given a very different feel from even the Gothic that we've seen as well. This is a relentless world that's been  captured very well in the Archives.
There are lost world, lost tribes even in the urbane setting of this Archive. There's more material that can appear in a setting like Trey's City or grafted onto othere modern OSR products.
If you truly wish to get into the action visit The Horrors of It All Blog for a shot of that old fashion horror comics that the Archive truly does an excellent job of capturing. 

You can check out the Horrors of It All Blog out Right Here
Personally I think that this book was money well spent 

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