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The Courts Of Misrule A Series of New Monsters For Your Old School Horror Games

File:Knights by Viktor.jpg
The Bastards of Babylon
Number appearing : 1d10
Hit Dice : 3 
Attacks Weapon 1d6+1 
Special : Hold Person as the spell 3 times per day 
Move :12
Morale: 10 

HDE/XP: 4/130

These are shock troops of Misrule. Warriors seduced into the arms of its service. They come for promises of blood, & never ending war. Because they have seen so many battles, blood shed, & chaos these monsters are portable vortexes of chaos itself.
They have within their minds the paradoxes of misrule. Three times per day they may use the "Stare of misrule" that acts as a hold person spell unless the victim makes a save vs wands. The victim is subject to visions of fear, terror, & misrule. They can do nothing but whimper in complete submission & bedlam.
Wherever depravity, fear, & misrule come these warriors are their to answer the call. They must cut down any signs or symbols of law that they come across.
They have vile rites that they claim give them strength by bathing in the blood of the lawful. Few if any will employ these monsters given human form as mercenaries & army. 

Many consider them the most unstable of Misrule's forces 

File:Frontispiece in The Red Fairy Book.png
The Daughters of Error 
Number appearing: 1d4 
Armor Class: 7(12)
Hit Dice : 3+3 
Attack: Touch 
Special: Only Harmed by magical weapons
Move: 12
Morale: 8 

HDE/XP: 4/130 
They are the twittering mockers of law & the seducers of Misrule. They are nothing more then shadows of desire & lust spun together with Misrule. These are the remains of ladies of nobility who have traded beauty & vanity for treachery & blood lust.They cloth themselves in the finest threads of night & the palour of youth seems to return to them for a time. 
These are the ladies of the court of Misrule who move through the night spreading lust, depravity, & worse. These creatures are no longer remotely human at all. They have become something more then undead & less then human at all. Only magical weapons may harm them. They're shadowy claws strike a victim & will drain 1 point of strength for every hit. The victim will fall to the ground drain of his vitality & strength shattering as a statue of salt would. Nothing more then a husk of brittle crystal & bone. 

File:Page 8 illustration in The Red Fairy Book (1890).png
Saturnalia Goddess of Misrule & Chaos Unbound.
She has many names & throughout the universe many guises.  Those who have seen her servants know her best. She is the wife the Misrule King, the goddess of the
revelries  of the lost mythical age not all of them desirable. She was an agricultural deity originally who reigned over the world in the Golden Age. When humans enjoyed the spontaneous bounty of Misrule without labor in a state of social egalitarianism.

Time & tide have turned her into a greedy & jealous goddess whose consorts are but temporary things. She whose hatred of Law has turned & twisted her into a bitter & spiteful monster. She represents chaos unbound & the never ending party.The revelry of the faire  eternity itself.
Flesh runs like wax with her presence & mutation abound around her. Her lust for power &other worlds knows know bounds.  She dances across the cosmos in a never ending waltz of conquest, bloodshed, & depravity.
 It is said that in her presence masters become slaves & slaves masters.
Domains: Misrule, Opposition, Agriculture, And A Lost Golden Age 

File:Blue Fairy Book-Snow White and Rose Red-3.gif
The King Of Misrule 
He is the temporary king & the prince of ruins. The King of Misrule is warrior or mage given great power by the goddess Saturnalia Goddess for one year & a day. He has the powers of a 12th level warrior or wizard during that time. He has at his command all the forces of Misrule. They are his & he  leads them across the cosmos within the service of his queen.
World after world  falls to his feet but like all others before him.He wears the armor as well as the masks of Misrule. He is seemingly invincible. For a time.
Then at the Hour of Dread when the Festive of Misrule come to its high conclusion. The clock of 
Saturnalia strikes & then the Court of Fools meets again. The banquet happens  again & again. The never ending banquet always meets.The king stands next to his queen, she ritually devours him & his power for another year. She sits for 12 days & then give birth to a perfect child. There are those who whisper about such things.They seldom speak in the open.
The goddess always seek another from the Planes Prime to take the fool's place. She will bestow her blessing & curse upon the fool. The cycle of revelry conquest begins anew.
Once a new King is chosen he dons the Mask of Misrule. Locked within its frame are spirits of all those who have come before him. They become the new king along with the old. The cycle of horror & depravity is never ending. 

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