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1d6 Random Sword & Sorcery Mystical Treasures Table

Treasures fall through the cracks of history & the wily hands of adventurers. The hoard of the dragon gives way to the the leer of kings, taxmen, & even the occasional executioner. Most likely these treasures find their way back onto the pile of another monster. Violence attracts violence & its this blood that calls to the lure of gold & objects of power. 

1d6 Random Sword & Sorcery Mystical Treasures Table 

  1. The chain of destiny - This golden chain worth about three hundred gold pieces has been woven of the finest dreams of kings, madmen, & lawyers. The chain is strange & seems to move of its own accord when no one is looking at it. The chain can be used to link the lives of two people together & is often used by royal match makers to match the royals of certain human, demonic, & infernal courts together. The chain was last seen in possession of an albino adventurer of indeterminate lineage. There is a dragon wizard that wants this chain back. 
  2. The fingers of Ibis - These twelve golden fingers have always been a set after they were cut from the hand of the devil king at the end of time. The fingers each have 2 powers determined by the artifact tables in the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master's Guide. The fingers have a life of their own though moving from person to adventurer and so forth. They seem to want to return to their master but being worth 400 gold pieces for the lot there is speculation that they have an agenda all of their own. A Martian wizard is willing to pay quite the top dollar for them. 
  3. The Coins of the Khan - These 500 golden coins once belonged to the Great Khan who liberated them from a sacrificial pit of Cthulhu himself. The coins each have their own small power and are worth 1000 gold. The reason is their primary power, the coins as a whole can buy passage into the spirit realms. They will allow one person to escape from the 'realm of the dead' and reenter the physical realm alive. But the coins themselves are then consumed in a thunder clap. They were last seen in the possession of a small dwarf from the village of In who gave them up to resurrect his late wife. She lives to this day but the coins have passed from person to person. The last owner was a black dragon who lives at the edge of the Dismal swamp. 
  4. The Babe in Waiting - This small gold & wax statue is so life like that many have sworn its real! That's because it is in a way. The Babe is used to heal a sick child or mother as it takes on the illness or malady of the target. The Babe is priceless but is the subject of a plane wide manhunt! The thing was last seen in the possession a group of heretics in the Ul mountains after a massive slaughter by someone known as the woman slayer. The Babe is also said to possess the gift or curse of prophecy. Each new moon it will speak a prophetic poem with flowery symbolism. This poem will reflect the current events in the owners lives. 
  5. The golden thimble of Qu - This golden thimble will fit the finger of a powerful man & it can be used with several specially prepared bone needles. The thread used with the golden thimble is specially prepared powered bone thread. The thimble allows the owner to sew tightly the soul into the body of the owner. This gives the owner a bit of the immortality of the undead. They will only age every ten years & they become immune to some mind affecting spells. But food will taste like ash & the owner of the thimble can undo the effects of the operation or ritual. The golden thimble may also be used to poke a small hole in the arguments, policies, or discussions of royals & politicians. The target is at a -3 on all Charisma based actions. The golden thimble while priceless is worth about 400 gold pieces because it appears to be something else but to its right owner it will appear as it truly is. 
  6. The Crown of the Hole - This ivory & golden crown allows the owner to gaze at the true intentions of the target. The target's reality is as it really is. The target must save vs wands or share in the insight of the Crown of the Hole. The hole itself is the inside of crown and acts as a portable hole but its a 'strange hole'. That is to say that should the crown cover the head of the person the whole head seems to go invisible except for two burning eyes that float in the air. These eyes act as crystal balls but can act independently of each other. The owner can eat, breath, & even feel inside the 'strange hole', but should the eyes become separated from the owner for more then 25 hours they may gain a life of their own. The owner will go temporarily insane from the constant feed back sensory loop. There is a headless arch wizard who is offering a reward for the crown of the hole. 

There is a forty percent chance of a dangerous named & unique marilith with here family of type I & II demons guarding these treasures as a part of demon royal of chaos's hoard. 

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