Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New OSR Adventure - The First Sentinel. Written by Edwin Nagy From Lesser Gnome Studio For Your Old School Campaigns

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Lesser  Gnome games has a very interesting old school game module with some pretty interesting overtones. The folks over there have been putting out an huge buzz about this module for months and it looks really nice. The looks like a low scale adventure for levels three  thru five. This is going to be the limited edition of the adventure 'The First Sentinel'.
I've seen some of the quality products that Lesser Gnome has done in the past like Whisper and Venom and this limited edition seems like its going to be on par with those products.

 Once again this looks like it could be played with the retroclone of your choice or perhaps with OD&D or First Edition AD&D. I'm a sucker for the 'Alien In The Dungeon' theme, so this looks right up my sword and sorcery alley.
This module could be used as the jump off point for a full scale sword and sorcery alien invasion or as a party stand alone.
The price tag doesn't look bad at all for what you get with the adventure.
Here are some of the details from the Lesser Gnome website :  
The First Sentinel is the latest old-school adventure from Lesser Gnome. Within its pages Game Masters have a complete adventure for three to six players using character levels between three and five.

Included with the limited edition-
  • The First Sentinel 16 page adventure booklet written by Edwin Nagy and edited by John Hammerle.
  • The custom sculpted 28 mm Nexid Spider figurine by Tim Prow cast in a translucent resin.
  • A detached folded cover with original art by Lloyd Metcalf. So retro it requires a save vs. nostalgia to open (failure leads to uncontrollable reminiscing about gaming days of yore).
  • A full color 11″ x 17″ Map Insert (including the Original Whispers Vale Map by Alyssa Faden, as well as the specific adventure location with added detail).
A few last minute surprises might make it in as well.
Here are some images of the Nexid Spider (sculpt by Tim Prow).
Nexid Spider Collage 400

Once again we're seeing more cartography from Alyssa Faden on the module's maps, I'm familiar with the sculpt of the mini from Tim Prow, Edwin Nagy is a name I've heard in the OSR before and the entire package looks pretty amazing but this adventure isn't going to be for Pathfinder although it might be able to be adapted for it. Instead this is going to be a full scale old effort and fully playable with the system of your choice. All in all this looks like a fantastic little package for the old school DM to unleash upon his players and PC's. I think that Lesser Gnome might have another hit on their hands. 

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