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Free Comic book Old School Resource Sword & Sorcery Download - Warren Presents 013 - Sword & Sorcery Comix 1981

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 Here's the low down on this issue of Warren Presents : 

Publisher: Warren
Published: October 1981, Original Cover Price: $2.00
Cover by Manuel Sanjulian. Edited by Bill DuBay. Stories by Greg Potter, Budd Lewis, Bill DuBay, Gerry Boudreau, and Forrest J. Ackerman. Art by Esteban Maroto. Reprints of Esteban Maroto sword and sorcery stories from Warrens magazines, plus a feature by Ackerman on the 1981 fantasy adventure film Dragonslayer. A Scream in the Forest; The Kingmaker; Goddess in a Kingdom of Trolls; Scheherazade; The Sleeping Beauty. 8 1/2 in. x 11 in. 64 pages, PC/PB&W.
This old school magazine from 1975 was done in the Warren style, the art here is top notch and the title though it capitalized on the 'Sword and Sorcery' craze back then is a really nice read through. This is a pulp/comic mashup comic magazine with elements of Arthurian legend thrown in to boot. I'm not going to lie, I've used this comic magazine a couple of times over the years for inspiration or as an outright source for a few AD&D and OD&D adventures and NPC's.
This issue of 'Warren Presents' makes perfect source material for an OD&D campaign or indeed an Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea adventure. Much of the material here can easily be recycled and used with a bit of dust up and polish for some of the encounters. The writing by Greg Potter, Budd Lewis, Bill DuBay, Gerry Boudreau, and the Dragon Slayer movie Forrest J. Ackerman are pretty top drawer and a nice change of pace to the hum drum material that we see on the internet today. The Dragon Slayer film is mostly forgotten amid the CGI clap trap that passes for 
special effects today and should be viewed though as a great film to pull material for a sword and sorcery campaign. It remains an old favorite of mine.
The writing and artwork in this issue is up to Warren standards at the time, and while these are reprints of earlier Warren efforts, they're fresh and mostly forgotten by today's players. Making this a perfect source to pull from for a fast evening's 
entertainment or simply use these as fodder for your own imagination's pondering. All in all this isn't a bad little old school download to pull material from for an OD&D
or AD&D campaign. Warren put out quite a bit of quality material and this issue of 
Warren presents gives some solid Sword and Sorcery stuff to pull from. Grab your copy and get rolling.

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