Tuesday, September 30, 2014

1d10 Random Minor Treasures From The Hoard Of The Vampire Kings Table For The Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers Of Hyperborea Rpg System

'Know ye now that in ancient times when the Green Death came down from the North, the ancient kings of undeath and splendor watched in horror as their subjects turned to dust before their very eyes. They secreted themselves away under the Earth and slumber still. Their power and magic await the coming of the moons of Hyperborea when the stars are right again and demon winds howl for the blood of the cosmos. Beware oh man their coming by tooth, fang, and claw. For what was theirs shall be again & your blood shall be their life.'
- From The  Chronicles of Qalos The Wanderer -

1d10 Random Minor Treasures From The Hoard Of The Vampire Kings Table 

  1. An ancient jade and silver sacrificial  knife enchanted to glow with the strength of the blood of the victim. The edge is shod with silver and enchanted razor sharp. There are Atlantian demon bats worked into the artwork on the handle. Those handling this blade will taste copper like metallic bits upon their tongue. +1 knife 
  2. A strange blood red jewel about the size of a human fist that beats with its own internal fire. There is a strange bat demon trapped within its confines, the hell thing can't escape but will teach and as well as sanity shattering spells to the owner. It will whisper them in dreams and nightmares. 
  3. This weird sword is edged with swirling ruins and glyphs of ancient Old Earth. It sings its ancient owners history even as it draws blood from its victims. A +1 sword of sharpness known as Blood Teller. It seeks its original vampiric lord to once again be held in its maker's claws. It tells tales of violence and ancient forbidden gods in whispered dreams. 
  4. This cup is made from the skull and helm of an ancient Roman general of Old Earth. When filled with fresh blood it will create a restorative 'cure light wounds' potion within. But the stuff reeks of old battles and decayed flesh even as it cures. 
  5. A convex lens made from the eye of some long forgotten demonic creature that has been slain by the ancient kings. This thing will show scenes of old glories and ancient battles of far away planes. The thing will want to lodge itself within the skull of the living and is cursed with the powers of the undead.  Once per day the eye may summon a giant bat for the owner to ride. They will be turned into a minor mindless undead zombie within 1d8 months of owning the eye.
  6. A copper plate etched with the ruins and glyphs of kings long forgotten by Hyperborea. This plate enables one to commune with the powers of the Abyss especially Orcus himself. Once per day the owner may summon 1d8 insect headed ghouls who will serve the owner. But there is a demand of blood which the plate will accept and devour with a wet, red sound. The plate must have its sacrifice or demons will come to take the fool away to the Abyss. 
  7. This ancient silver and gold rod has the most ancient writings across its surface of the Kings of the Night. The owner may summon a pack of demonic hounds once per week but must master them lest they try to tear him apart. A charisma roll is needed to bring these horrors to heel each time these savage curs are summoned. 
  8.  This is the book of ten thousand damned, it contains on copper the contents for ten thousand souls. It is an ancient demonic contract. The thing can be used to summon 1d30 vampiric specters from beyond the Outer Darkness to make prophetic songs of love and damnation. The owner may cast a mass charm on an audience when this item is within his hands but he must pay in a price of blood and warfare. 
  9. A solid metal dagger of pitted meteor metal forged from a single piece of a star of the damned. This knife may be used to summon a shade of the ancient kings of the Outer Darkness whose appetites will consume a single soul once per new moon. Their ancient rites will enter into the owner's mind when he first picks up this dagger and a single drop of blood falls on the blade. 
  10. A carved soap stone doll of a child, this thing is actually a spawn of the old gods in disguise. It will attach itself to one it chooses and make obscene spells known to the owner so that its brothers and sisters might be let loose from beyond the vale of time and space. 


  1. I really and truly hope you compile all these d10 tables into a PDF at some points. These things are fantastic resources.

  2. I've got quite a few surprises coming up before that happens yet. But thanks for the comment we've got a ton of material left to cover yet.
    Cheers mwschmeer.