Friday, August 8, 2014

Free OSR Resource - OD&DITIES Issue #1 From Dragon's Foot For Your Old School Campaigns

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I stumbled upon this resource for OD&D last night on Dragon's Foot and thought I'd share. This is OD&DITIES #01 which is a ten paged fan based magazine that has a couple of great little articles that you can add to your campaigns. Many of the articles are short and sweet, more plug and play material for campaigns. The compendium of characters adds a bunch of NPC's that you can drop right into your existing campaigns. This infact seems to be the magazine's ethos, a simple and easy to use set of rules that fits into an existing style of play. These some pretty good solid NPC's characters with bare bones material to them that can add some flare to a game. The next article we get that I found useful is about getting the PC's to work together from the beginning of a campaign. A couple of very useful bits of advice. 
There's a pawn shop called  Thaldor’s Pawnshop, first in a line of

 town / city locations for your campaign, which I always find very useful for games. Pawn shops are a  great resource for PC's and one that always seems to get over looked as a source for getting rid of loot, getting gear, a source for adventures, and a place to get a loan fast when needed. Like for gambling debts and such. This is a nice little fit especially if you've got a few ties in with the local thieves guilds, pawn brotherhood, and local law enforcement. 
The 'Message' is an interesting adventure because it's geared for fighters, clerics, and Dwarves of 1st level a nice little campaign jump off point. 
All in all not a bad first issue and pretty good for a free resource for an OD&D game. Grab it while you can and get playing. 

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