Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Dark Corner Exclusive : The OSR Module For OSRIC 'The Hanging Coffins Of The Vampire Queen' By Mark Taormino

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The printed module book is $25 each (cost includes USA shipping) and come with the PDF. If you want the PDF only it is $15. You can make a PayPal payment to PDFs go out tomorrow night. For printed books make sure you include your shipping address!
Imagine taking a PC from first edition AD&D or OSRIC  and fighting your way to freedom against hordes of undead, the living dead, horrid villains, room after room of adventure all arranged for you by the vile Vampire Queen. That's exactly the sort of adventure that this one offers. Months ago I began to follow this Kickstarter and watching as some of the top artists in the field of old school rpgs got on board. I got a chance to speak with Mark Taormino about his adventure.

So Mark, why was the Hanging Coffins of The Vampire Queen made and what about the so called 'Adult Content of the Vampire?'
I wanted to make these thing for folks like you and i that hearken back to really old school fun - no political correctness etc and with irreverent humor etc
I read that this adventure is going to be packed with encounters, NPC's, and some great stuff care to elaborate Mark?
The module delivered is double the size of what was originally planned with respect to having two maps instead of one and double the encounters topping out at 52! Plus about 5 new monsters, and 12 Pre-Generated characters added as well! Oh and... the Pre-Gens. Is there going to more adventures after this one? And what's this that I hear about a this being part of an old school adventure line? This is my new brand for the products: MAXIMUM MAYHEM DUNGEONS are created with one thing in mind: ass-kicking fun. This adventure has that classic look and feel both inside and out, including blue maps and old-school fantasy art from some of the best artists in the business! Filled with irreverent characters, diabolical villains, over-the-top monster encounters, outrageous magic, mischievous NPCs, traps, puzzles, and more blood and gore than you can shake a +5 staff at! This adventure will entertain and challenge everyone who dares to play it! EVERY encounter is going to be memorable or interesting etc I did enjoy writing this adventure and I want to launch a new side games biz for these OSR products to continue making them! Also I will be launching a 2nd one in a few weeks! For module #2! I will tell u more soon!

Well Mark thanks for taking the time to talk with the Dark Corners blog and I can't wait to see what's going to be coming up in the next adventure from MAXIMUM MAYHEM DUNGEONS!

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