Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Coming Soon From Kickstarter : Maximum Mayhem Dungeon #2: Secret Machines of the Star Spawn by Mark Taormino

Chocolate Thunder and Otto the Viking are taking down the "Sucka!"

Go Take A Look Right
Well it looks like my buddy Mark Taormino is at it again with another incredible adventure  by launching another Kickstarter for Freak show games latest creation.
The plot goes something like this :
Locals have been hearing whispers of strange happenings around the Ancient Volcano. Rumors over the last few months of an unspeakable evil that has risen up inside. An evil that “fell from the stars.” They say there is something wicked and devilish going on inside. Highwaymen report of strange creatures, mechanical monsters, and "Little Green Men" that are roaming the land causing chaos and mayhem! 

The locals are at their wits end. They put out a call for the bravest, the strongest, the smartest group of adventurers they could find... and unfortunately for them, your group has "answered the call." You and your stalwart band of adventurers know exactly what to do...  plunder the mountain for the treasure within! And maybe figure out what those pesky locals are bitching about!

Half of the adventure takes place in the Volcano Dungeon Lair and the other half on a huge, Futuristic Spaceship which the Star Spawn has had "parked" above the planet unknown to anyone for the last 1000 years! If we can hit enough stretch goals we'll "unlock" more encounters, dungeon levels and ship levels etc!

I got to see the cover for this module about a month ago and it looks pretty insane for an OSRIC or first edition AD&D style adventure. I'm hoping that they meet their stretch goals. Mark has worked with some pretty incredible artists and the module has a definitive 70's weirdo grind house vibe to it. So I can't wait to see what happens when this one hits the airwaves. Stay tuned folks. 


  1. I don't normally go in for published modules, but this one looks completely bad-ass. I just may have to pick up this module.


  2. Ed thanks! You can check it out here: