Thursday, September 26, 2013

Watch The Neo Noir Film 'A Hand To Play' Starring Doug Bradley Directed By Mike Clarke For Free

The Neo Noir movement has been alive and well for over forty years. The lines of horror and noir often blur back and forth with the passing of cars under the glare of street lamps. There are some really interesting stand out examples of the genre. Like this one that I was privileged to see a few months ago. 

Joe is a drug dealer and Mr. Trent is his supplier, things are not going well for Joe here at all.  Mr. Trent is very unhappy with Joe and decides to make an example of Joe. And here's where things get very interesting for us the audience.

Mr Trent is played by the excellent Doug Bradley  who played as the iconic lead cenobite Pinhead in the Hellraiser films. He is played opposite by Phil Gwilliam as Joe.
And we're brought into the characters world by these two actors.
But  this might as well be underworld of any place UK.
 The dialogue, the twists, and turns are like  something out of a horror movie or some of the television shows of the 70's and 80's. 

The good ones that left you just a wee bit uncomfortable. 
The writing is tight, the dialogue solid, and this short leaves you wanting more.
Directed by Mike Clarke this is world that could be happening right now. Its really Mr.Trent and Joe that create this world.
This is a very well done little film.

A Hand To Play's Horror Rpg Campaign Tie In 
hand to play teaser 3

A Hand To Play actually has several different tie ins for horror games or Noir games. This is where things get interesting.
The film demenstrates the importance of NPC interaction and how a good villian can make or break a campaign.
The film also acts as a perfect introduction to the world of  Joe, Mr. Trent, and the two heavies in the background as it should be with your games.
Joe's performance really sells how the audience indentfies with him and as well as your PC's.
This film blurs the lines between noir and horror, its a situation that was often exploited during the 'Golden Age of Radio as well. Programs like the 'Inner Sanctum' and other shows of that time did this. A technique that DM's can also use.
I love Doug Bradley in this and it shows just how well he can act. His Mr. Trent is a nasty piece of work that I wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of. 

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