Thursday, September 12, 2013

Free Tomb of the Overfiend From Robertson Games For Your Old School Horror Campaign

Get it right over HERE
According to Drivethrurpg:
Tomb of the Overfiend is a free one-page adventure for Weird West RPG. The adventure is also compatible with other "old school" type roleplaying games with a few small changes to some of the statistics for the encounters.

This is a solid one page dungeon that you can easily and I do mean easily customize to your Old West or horror setting. With a game like Weird Adventures this one is perfect for regions like the zombie-haunted streets of Cujiatepec.
 This one has a little bit of everything for the haunted deserts of the 'Weird West' and other old west rpgs.

  Using Tomb of The Overfiend 

This is a quick one shot evening's entertainment. A great into into the world of pulp horror out in the old west. With very little work this adventure might also be converted into a Call of Cthulhu adventure set in the old west as well.
 Nice Free solid adventure. 

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