Thursday, September 12, 2013

Free Horror Rpg Quick Start- Derby Day - Ghosts of Albion Quickstart From Eden Studios !

Get it right over HERE!

This isn't my usual sort of rpg but Tim has done an excellent job of designing and writing this one. This is a unisystem product and as such goes right over the usual vibe of the system but in a new way.
Description According to Drivethrurpg : 
These pages provide all that’s needed to begin telling tales and battles evil forces in the universe of Ghosts of Albion.
Derby Day is an adventure for the Original Cast, known to those who have visited the BBC Ghosts of Albion site: Tamara, William, Nigel, and the three ghosts.
This material includes background and period information to get players into the setting and the concerns of the times. They can learn about the different horses, notice the betting establishments and the extensive preparations for lunch, interact with others revellers, and discuss matters of recent concern—all the while trying to ferret out the supernatural threat. Several fights will occur, both magical and physical, and plenty of chances for roleplaying with various Director-played Supporting Cast Members will arise.
About the Ghosts of Albion RPG:
Based on Amber Benson and Christopher Golden’s wildly popular BBCi drama “Ghosts of Albion” and includes new material from the creators themselves, featuring new fiction and a complete, ready to run adventure.
The Ghosts of Albion RPG features the Eden “Cinematic Unisystem” game system, designed by award winning game designer C.J. Carella, and written by Timothy S. Brannan (previous work includes the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG”).

Not my usual cup of tea but this is a forty four page very well designed and thought out rpg. Tim is more then the usual fan of the material he's written this very tightly and its very well done. It runs solidly, the character design is simple and very elegant, and this makes great weekend rpg for the family or for more players. The design is very open ended and simple to drop a bunch of players into the world of Albion for a Saturday or any day. Very solid design for a new school game.
Best of all right now you can get this for free.  More old school coming up tomorrow but don't miss this one. 


  1. Very cool little start up set of rules Tim. I took a look out of curiosity and was very pleasantly surprised. Thanks for putting them up for download.