Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Review And Commentary on Spinechillers and Silent Killers From Thistle Games

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 If you haven't checked out SpineChillers and Silent Killers?
Why not?
Here's what you get! 
Spinechillers and Silent Killers is a system free add-on for tabletop RPGs. It’s full of 500+ highly configurable traps, spinechillers, omens and other hazards or surprises. The content can be put to a number of uses:
  1. Scattering unexpected and unusual events through an adventure or across a campaign.
  2. Designing high intensity gameplay using clusters of high impact encounters.
  3. Adding layers of mystery, suspense and mayhem to adventures and campaigns.
  4. Remixing existing adventures or campaigns by parachuting in hazardous and/ or menacing encounters.
  5. Raising the emotional content of the gameplay by reinstating the sense of the unknown and the unexpected so often reported as part of new players’ gameplay.
  6. Building gritty and grimy gameplay.
Spinechillers ~ Traps ~ Omens ~ Dark Secrets ~ Jailbreaks ~ Runaway Wagons ~ Unpleasant Places ~ Local Delicacies ~ Mishaps and Misfortunes ~ Extreme Sports ~ Ridiculous Laws ~ Serious Complications ~ Money Pits ~ Debt Collectors

 For six bucks you get 150 pages of system free deviltry perfect for adding to a Gothic Horror game. The material is perfectly tuned in to the horror movie vibe and the dark omens table came in very handy for a recent game. 
 Ten reasons why Spinechillers and Silent Killers From Thistle Games is perfect for a horror campaign 
Spinechillers and Silent Killers
  1. This material hasn't appeared in any magazine and its perfect for throwing a curve ball right in players direction. 
  2. The material is a great retro throw back to the pages of early Dragons when PC's were given circumstances beyond their control. 
  3. The dark secrets are perfect to add to NPC's at the drop of a hat to make them even more believable and more then slightly strange. 
  4. The unpleasant places fit right into the Gothic Horror world and really do live up to their name. 
  5. The omens table does make PC's nervous and I had one players scrambling for the DMG which made him really pissed. 
  6. Dark scerets, food, wagons and money pits spread mayhem. Mayhem is good and keeps a game moving very quickly. Be prepared for side adventures spawned by the book. 
  7. The traps aren't goofy or so unbelievable as to be incredibly lethal unless you want them to be. Specialists will come in very handy here and with a bit of work can become mini adventures in their own right. 
  8. The material here is enough to test adventurers through an evening and beyond. 
  9. This is a book with a diabliocal sense of fun and its that sense that shines through. Fun that is actually based on logic and just when the PC's think they've seen it all or done it all. This book is perfect for that 'Wham' you haven't a clue bit. 
  10. This and other Thistle books are a throw back to a time when gaming was DYI and all you needed was a few books to throw the campaign into an all night over drive. 

Right now in my Gothic Translvanian campaign I've got a debt collector dogging the trail of the PC's and they're really not enjoying this at all. 
 The book isn't so much a book of traps,events, or simply evil turns what the book is are horrific surprises that leap in to twist the PC's necks at very weird moments. They add both levity and danger to the game. I've written about this book before. Using it with Jack Shear's material has been enlivening and interesting to say the least. 
You might want to wait till this material goes on sale but its a solid product and there's more coming out of Thistle games all of the time. 

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