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Brand New Magical 1d10 Crowns Of The Serpent Men Table For The Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers Of Hyperborea Rpg System

They are the ten legendary crowns of the serpent men of Old Earth, the artifacts of the ancient priest kings and they are treasures beyond compare with powers that scrap the bounds of sanity. And they have been lost since the time of the Green Death, but there are rumors of their appearance from time to time. Things borne down from the time of legends and myth capable of turning the destinies of nations and whole peoples.They have been wrought with metal, blood, and the insanity of history itself. 
They're powers and abilities have been speculated and dreaded until now. 

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Brand New Magical 1d10 Crowns Of The Serpent Men Table

  1. Andug the blood devourer is a crown of weirdly wrought bronze like material interlaced with human and humanoid bones. This small and seemingly delicate crown is capable of dominating the mind of lesser beings as word of power effect three times per day and commanding up to 1d100 beings with a 30 mile range of the user. The owner may cast a charm spells at least once ever three  hours and their presence is addictive to those under the effects of the crown. The owner of the crown will crave human flesh at the beginning of the week. They will also have a poisonous bite as a serpents and magically grow fangs.
    The crown must be bathed in human blood once every three days and the owner may transform into a giant constrictor once per week. 
  2. Gbarglagotu is the crown of the demonic snake lord and it an affair of gold, lapis, cut crystal, and weird wire that looks like human nerve endings the colour of blood. The owner is able to use a power word of stunning once per day, and rebuke undead as if they were a 4th level evil cleric. The owner may summon 1d10 demonic serpents once every three days and command them. They may also raise and summon a zombie to command of a strange serpent like aspect. The thing will obey the owner but may turn on them if the crown is removed. They will try to snap the owner's neck and destroy them. 
  3. Ldethur the crown of birds and poisonous serpents, this crown is a combination of ancient dinosaur bones and serpent bones wrapped in fine gold wire. The owner is able to communicate with birds and other serpent like creatures. The owner of the crown can command a group of serpents or birds once per day. Crown may also sing and whistle to itself when not in use.It is said that its songs contain clues to the vaults of the serpent men filled with the treasures of a thousand bygone ages. 
  4. Nglrurchme This crown contains the occult secrets of an upstart king who got a hold of this fine crown of gold and black silver from its serpent king master, it contains the essences of thirteen demons of horror. The crown is able to summon the demon Ithmorglkazgwe who will serve as the owner's concubine or assassin. With the understanding that it may slay the owner if it get's in the way of the demon collecting the souls of whom it slays or wants. The owner may take on the knowledge or aspect of the demon and all that it entails. The owner also has access to the memories and knowledge of a ten level wizard. 
  5. Urglinarglkat is a vain and very dangerous crown that will try to possess the own with its own tainted soul and seek to sway the owner with offers of treasures and lies. The crown has none of these to offer but the ability to lie convincingly and to lend +3 strength to all battles it does in cold murder. 
  6. Urgothiar the evil twin of Urglinarglkat which possesses the knowledge and skills of an ancient serpent man cult assassin/wizard of seventh level. This gold and pearl crown is able to focus and direct the mind of its owner and capable of causing the owner to shape shift into a cobra's form. The crown will try to possess the owner but will allow him to seemingly to remain in control. The personality of the crown is paranoid and devilish. 
  7. The Crown of No Name, this crown possesses no personality of any type but has the ability to shield its owner from all mental powers or mind affecting magic when worn but there is a side effect. The owner will feel drained and their soul will be drawn off a bit at a time when worn. The soul of the victim will fade over 1d40 days as the crown draws it off into the Abyss. 
  8. Baugorurotuthi the thrice damned, this crown has been created from an ancient serpent man king's finger bones. The crown allows one to peer into the Outer Darkness and understand the language of demons. The owner may summon a demon once per day. The crown may also allow one to create a single serpent of essence once per day to do the bidding of the owner. The serpent is a cunning assassin and the owner can see through its eyes. The crown may cause mutation as the taint of the thing runs through the owner. 
  9. Lagogormeth the secret teller, this crown is able to identify and use many of the super science items found within the underworld of Hyperborea. The owner can unravel the workings of twisted bits and pieces of super science around them and they can peer through the darkness  surrounding them the vale of the Outer Darkness. Once per day they may summon the cold cloying mists of the Outer Darkness causing 1d8 points of damage as the cold and weird energies ravages the victim's bodies. 
  10. Ulatugrc the insanity creator, this crown of gold and weird alloys allows one to peer into the mind's of its victims and induce bouts of temporary insanity. With its more powerful effects it can weave hallucinations insane enough to drive a man mad. The crown can also open doors to the realms of insanity and depravity. A very dangerous artifact that is capable of filtering through some of the insane revelations of the Great Old Ones. 

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