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Winds of the Ice Forest From Random Order Creations Adapted To Your Sword and Sorcery Campaigns As Well As The Astonishing Swordsmen And Sorcerers of Hyperborea Rpg System

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Winds of the Ice Forrest is perfect for a romp through the wilds of a barbarian themed land. I kept thinking about some of Conan's home land's comments and of Fafnar's ice themed realm whilst clawing my way through the concise and well written text.
This is a pretty nicely done Labyrinth Lord Adventure for PC's first through third level and a nice round number of PC's is going to be needed to navigate through the ins and out of this snow bound affair of a module. The maps are well done and the adventure makes excellent use of it's snow bound environs. Echoes of many old school tropes round this adventure out and it handles itself with wit and style.
From The Drivethru blurb: 
he dreaded Ice Forest! Once a safe passage to the north, now the forest's evil magic seeks to trap and confuse travelers with ever-shifting paths full of terrible dangers. New monsters, new magic items, new magics!
This adventure for character levels 1-3 was designed for Labyrinth Lord but can be used with any old school dungeon-crawling RPG. It is a drop-in locale that can be played through in a few hours or in a much longer session...per the needs of your gaming group.

Winds of The Ice Forrest is devided into parts with Entering the Forrest giving all of the basics and making good solid use of the adventures content and the set up. We've got the Ice Forrest Rumor table. A quick series of encounters with back story and set up. Hazards and boom the PC's are right in the middle of the action.
Part Two The Ice Forrest is the heart and soul of the adventure placing the PC's right into harms way and bring in some of the heavy gun monsters of the module. Here's where men and barbarians get separated. Nicely thought out and well written the authors do a fine job bring in the action with some rough and tumble encounters. Don't let the artwork fool you into comfort here. The Labyrinth Lord monsters are analogous to their AD&D counterparts. They can easily be substituted for use with a 1st edition AD&D style take on this module. Or for use with the LL's Advanced Companion.
Maps here are nice, simply designed, and straight to the point of use. The treasures seem well balanced here with an OD&D style of flavor in the offering. There are multiplicity of adventure locations woven into the fabric of the module and adventure.
Part III Escape From The Forrest  - Here's that one final push of nastiness and its very dangerous. Have a care right here.
The Appendix are interesting with a nice little sample party thrown in.
New spells which have a definitive sword and sorcery flavor. 
Plenty of Winter themed monsters to draw from for LL 
New Magic items with a wintry sword and sorcery taste to them. 
Another take on the Barbarian class for LL as well pretty sweetly balanced. 
Monster list for even more random encounter action. 

I really like the cover art as well. So yeah I do think this is a module well worth picking up. Just one little note there's an NPC who when defeated will be a 'treasure load' character for the PC's. DM's you'll know em when you see 'em. 
Just decrease the amount of loot and your ready to roll!
Adapting Winds of the Ice Forrest For
Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea.

Believe it or not while reading through Winds Of The Ice Forrest I kept thinking about where I would place this adventure within Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea. The module screams sword and sorcery to me. Don't let the artwork fool you, in fact I think its part of its awesome charm.
For AS&SH I'd place this module either within the bounds of Mt Yimir or within Xin. Both of these ice bound freezer boxes have the right feel.
The monsters and horrors of the adventure are easily found within the Referee's Manual for the game and substituting the magic items from the module are a snap. All in all this is a pretty damn good mating of OSR material in my opinion giving Winds of the Ice Forrest even more utility. 

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