Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Soul Forged Armor For The Basic Fantasy Role Playing or Your Old School Campaigns

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There are times when a DM needs something a bit more well special then the usual 'magic sword' that we get in OD&D and basic.I stumbled across this particular take on the magic sword the other night.
According to the PDF : 
Soul Forged Armor is armor that has been infused with the soul of a warrior or paladin. It is usually created for a specific purpose. That purpose can be good, or evil. It can be specific (eg. A Soul Forged Lich Slayer would be created for the express purpose of slaying Liches), or it can be more general (Soul Forged Armor of Chaotic Good). It can be forged for a specific group within a game world. Often, an order of Holy Warriors will choose one of their greatest, and have his soul forged into armor so that he can be called upon in time of dire need.
This idea is simply the bare bones of a very cool idea that can easily be fleshed out in a game such as Lamentations of the Flame Princess or Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea as a type of lost magical artifact that while powerful cares with it an air of the sinister and more then slightly weird.
Its really only two page pdf with some interesting and very respectable high ideas that adds a bit more flare to the idea of the magic sword which is already steeped in real world myth and legend.
Its always the little touches such as these that bring home the classic tropes of old school sword and sorcery. With a bit of conversion this article can serve as a nice set of old school mythological guidelines to create an other aspect of the dark fantastic for your old school D&D game. Not too shabby a free download at all that infused with a sword and sorcery classic piece of gaming meta mythology.
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