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1d10 Weird & Minor Ancient Amulets Table For Astonishing Swordsmen And Sorcerers of Hyperborea or Your Old School Swords and Sorcery Campaigns

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Something glints in the darkness of  the torchlight, a gold or bronze piece hidden for hundreds of years comes into the light. Ancient treasures worth a small fortune tempt adventurers to risk all for the reward of some incredible treasure. Here then are a small list of 1d10 minor bits of magic which can make men and women green with envy or even murder.

1d10 Weird & Minor Ancient Amulets Table 
  1.  aurichalcum amulet sacred to the ancient tiger diet Hmu protector of children and mothers. The amulet allows its wearer to have low light vision twice per day and eyes of the eagle as per the spell.The wearer can blink once a day and instinctively knows the where about of small children in their charge. 
  2. The Amulet of Ru, this amulet is twisted throughout with weird and strange alloyed wire fashioned into the web of a spider. Ru is an ancient spider god, a protector of hearth and home. Once per day the owner may spider climb, has the ability cast a web spell once a week, and may use a shocking grasp every new moon. The amulets were used by body guards of certain rich and royal families. 
  3. Amulet of Hadrin - This amulet has been made from an ancient old Earth coin from the time of Hadrin. This amulet commemorates the Sons of Hadrin who safely escaped one of Old Earth's deluges, once per new moon the owner may call upon the spirit of the Emperor to impart some ancient bit of wisdom or grant a dream of prophecy of some important event. The activation of the amulet requires a wisdom roll for the dream of prophecy to occur.
  4. Amulet of the Beetle god - This amulet has been created from the ancient shell of a giant assassin beetle shell. The thing allows the owner to peer into the nether reaches of the insect's dream realms allowing the owner to access ancient power. 
    The owner may twice per week use a flesh to stone like power as per the spell. The owner may also have the sense of taste of the insect things allowing an acute sense of touch and taste. The amulet will also grant infravision. But these powers come with a price. The owner will smell as fresh churned beetle rolling in human dung each time a power is used.  -5 on all Charisma based rolled. 
  5. Amulet of The Web - This amulet has been made from a strand of web of the ancient spider goddess who spins her web between the planes of existence. No web spell or spider bite will affect the user. Praying to the goddess of the web will instantly teleport the owner into the  presence of the goddess who will eat and dine upon the soul of the owner. 
  6. Amulet of Ancient Wasting - This amulet allows the owner to sleep for a thousand years as if it was only a day. The owner will think its another amulet and the effect is almost instant only by using pearl of healing or the kiss of a true love can the owner awaken. 
  7. Amulet of the Cursed - This amulet allows the owner to capture a curse within the Orichalcum designed cage of the amulet. After twelve such curses the cage of the amulet turns to gold and the amulet must be cast into the sea. Failure to do so releases all of the curses upon the owner all at once. The amulet may also cast a cure light wounds once per week but they must also wash the amulet after this use in a sacred pool. 
  8. Amulet of Cthulhu - This amulet allows the owner to detect the presence of the tentacled god and his minions. The owner may  drive back the followers of the god once per week but there is a 20% each time that this ability is used of the amulet breaking. 
  9. Amulet of Saturn - This amulet has been created in the winds of ancient Saturn and is forged from aurichalcum from the ancient wind tossed temple structure of the mad ones. The amulet allows the owner to pull the thoughts from entities of the Outer Darkness once per week. The owner may create a sign of insanity and despair once per month. There are those who hunt these amulets to destroy them citing their connection to an ancient cult of assassins and murderers who killed with the rising of Saturn basking in the madness of the planet. 
  10. Amulet of the Ancient Mother - This amulet is dedicated to the ancient mother goddess of mankind and it allows the wearer to know if a child will be healthy and in good health for its lifetime. The amulet wearer can detect the fertility of male or female friends and relatives and the best places to plant crops. Every twelve months the amulet must be bathed in the blood of a specially slaughtered ox or cow. 

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