Monday, October 27, 2014

Quick Shout Out For Slaughter Grid For Your Old School Sword and Sorcery Campaigns

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After a recent TPK in AS&SH, I haven't really been doing as much as I should with this blog.Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea is retooling and getting a new Kickstarter soon as well as getting ready to unleash a plethora of kick ass sword and sorcery products.
Lamentations of The Flame Princess has been dealing with production and print issues, which I hope the printer in question is dealt with. I understand issues with printers all to well from various friends who small and vanity press publish. You have my sympathies when it comes to these.
In the meantime I've been contending myself with other old school & OSR  materials including this gem that I got to see in the flesh and read this past weekend. I've heard about Slaughter Grid for a few years but never got a chance to peak between its covers.
Just wow is all I can say, the cover says for OSRIC but after peering through this one it might be right along the edge of a Lamentations of The Flame Princess vibe. The design aesthetic here is right down that alley.
The description on Lulu has a pretty good break down : 
Created by genocidal halflings aeons ago, SlaughterGrid is a strange and gruesome dungeon, avoided by all save the bravest or most foolhardy of adventurers.

This module features:
* An 18-area mini-hexcrawl to start you off
* A three-level dungeon with 55 encounter areas
* Rules for thieving abilities, schemes, and weaponized monsters
* 32 new monsters, including stygiacs, gold-whores, progenitors, and necro-otyughs

* Weird treasure, dangerous magic items, and unpleasant surprises

So right off the bat this module has the excitement and vibe of many of the old school products of yesteryear with exciting background, high weirdness, and several really well thought out encounters. It reminds me of an old AD&D first edition favorite?
The text gets right to the point in a concise, well laid out manner, and no nonsense way while maintaining the adventures goals.
Right so this one is a homage to White Plume Mountain but takes several of the conventions of 'fun house' dungeons and turns them on their collective ears.Taken as an adventure this is a very fun rattle trap of a dungeon in the old school tradition of exploration, treasure, escape, and evade in equal turns of high weirdness. Rafael has carefully crafted this adventure to play around with PC's while adding elements of play that are nasty and dangerous to PC's but done with style. In other words this is a very well done module. I think that with a great deal of customization this one might be used with Lamentations of The Flame Princess or any retroclone. I personally liked some of the ideas that were behind the dungeon ecology and sword & sorcery vibe in this one. Yeah, yeah its a throwback in some respects to AD&D 1st edition's glory days but its got a lot going for it. Pick this one when Lu Lu has their sales.

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