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1d10 Random Ancient Lost Treasures Table For Your Old School Sword and Sorcery Campaigns Or The Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers Of Hyperborea Rpg System

There are ancient items which frequently surface within the more remote areas of Ancient Earth and Hyperborea. These items have often times survived catastrophic events and passed into the realm of local myth and legend. Some have passed down through the ages only to have been lost in the last sweeping cycle of the Green Death plague. Other artifacts have come from ancient and lost epochs of forgotten history, these can sometimes have troubled or down right dangerous legacies attached with them. Below are a small selection of the 'treasures' which have been rumored to be uncovered by adventurers over the last couple of  centuries. 

1d10 Random Ancient Lost Treasures Table
  1. An ancient Atlantian mirror with a special silver backing. The mirror has an ancient sky demon bound within its confines that will show the depths of the Outer Darkness, the inner workings of a person's soul and fondest desires, and the elemental planes as well. Upon command the mirror may capture within its confines a minor air element to do the bidding of the owner of the mirror. The demon however is a flippant and very dangerous creature often twisting the mirror's visage into sanity shattering location images. 
  2. A set of eight silver etched steel knives which will cut the soul of a mortal into the individual pieces of shadow and light allowing a wizard to examine and heal the more fundamental damages that one has suffered at the hands of certain soul eating and swallowing demons and undead. These knives are etched with Lumerian instructions for their use upon their blades. The knives can also burn with an unholy fire for 1d4 points of damage per day. They will burn the types of creatures they were created to deal with. 
  3. A small coffin shaped box containing an ancient Lumerian mechanism that can trap and hold a minor demon. The thing will be forced to tell the truth about eight matters of magic and sorcery after which the mechanism will exile the little horror back to the Outer Darkness. Over the centuries these mechanisms attract more dangerous demons to the small bits of soul bait that these things use. There is a 20% chance of an incubus or similar demon is locked within this thing when found. It will be very angry and pissed off. It will either want to be bought off or attack with full fury. 
  4. A small crystal that holds thirty three perfectly preserved 2nd level clerical or magical spells within them. These things were often used by wizards of forgotten ages to record spell books, and commentary on day to day matters in ancient tongues. There is a 20% chance of some ancient secret or tid bit of forgotten or forbidden lore being recorded within these crystals. Often these crystals will be lost in with 1d100 pieces of random gold coinage and may be by passed completely. 
  5. An ancient book made from some alien metal, this book details certain esoteric ancient formula related to engineering feats not seen my centuries. These treatises will contain 1d20 random spells that will relate to engineering and warfare. These books will also have plans for some of the more esoteric pieces of Atlantian high technology. 
  6. This ancient staff is actually a communications device used for contacting forbidden ancient demonic entities of the Outer Darkness. These things will be starved for telepathic contact but this does not make these things any less dangerous. While they will communicate with the staff's owner and there a 20% chance of something trying to possess the PC owner once per week. These staff's contain a single demonic crystal that will try to corrupt a PC. 
  7. A cursed demon slaying sword that is able to heal the sick once per day but is actually an ancient weapon belonging to a demon of lust and depravity. The owner will hear and detect any nearby demonic creatures but he can never shut them out from his or her's mind. The sword is also a +2 weapon but may turn on its own as well. 
  8. A copper coloured torc that enables the user to use telepathy once per day as the spell and enables the owner to see into the Otherworld as well upon command. The torc allows one to protect mind and body against any intrusions. The thing glows in the presence of hyena men as well. 
  9. A small stature of some lost or ancient god that enables the owner to cross worlds once per day. The thing is actually a demon and seeks the owner to claim their souls. The piece also allows the owner to rebuke any undead that they come across. 
  10. A statue of Cthhlu that allows one to know the location of any minor Lovecraftian monsters and allows one to know their various tongues or dialects. This thing once belonged to a ghoul cult and as a result the owner will begin to take on the minor characteristics of a lesser ghoul. Charisma and intelligence will be at -1 but the owner will know the language and dark tongue of the undead. 

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