Saturday, October 25, 2014

1d10 Random Ancient Antiquities From The Low Lands Table For The Astonishing Swordsmen And Sorcerers Of Hyperborea Rpg System

After the Green Death swept the lands of the lower valleys of Hyperborea clean with a swath of plague, death, and pestilence only recently have ancient artifacts and useful items been uncovered by the winds and the rains that rage across the valleys.
Some of these ancient pieces of wonder and forbidden knowledge still retain their magic and blessings of the old times. Below are a selection of these items for the edification and torment of your PC's. 

1d10 Random Ancient Antiquities From The Low Lands Table

  1. A silver torc man's bracelet that is writ with the curses and blessings of the gods of battle. The torc allows one to see with the eyes of an eagle once per day and to call down a battle rage when engaged in combat with enemies. The torc also allows one a +1 in battle as the ancient gods hunger for blood and thunder. The engravings belong to a Hyperborean general's household long extinct. 
  2. A Box of Disposal - This box with rounded corners has within itself a zone of nothingness that will tear apart anything placed within its confines. It will do 1d4 points of damage per round to anything placed within its confines. The box will explode for 2d8 points of damage if tampered with or handled roughly. Anyone within a 50 foot zone of this thing must make a Dex check or be sucked into a deadly region of the Outer Darkness. 
  3. A mummified falcon with coffin, this was once a necromancer's familiar and the perverted thing knows many secrets of ancient horror. It will fly off and escape at the nearest opportunity when it reanimates. It will play at being a dumb animal but in actuality is possessed by a minor demon of malevolence and horror. 
  4. A set of nine pieces of silver cutlery engraved with scenes from the ancient Hyperborean world. They seem to animate when looked at with a side long glance. 
  5. The gold and silver wedding clasp of some long forgotten household that a lonely ghost still follows but it knows not why. The thing is worth a 100 gold pieces at best. 
  6. A small boot knife engraved with fire glyphs and fine etchings. A small piece of jade decorates the hilt. A clan blade to a long dead clan perhaps or perhaps not. 
  7. A small silver and gold child's crown engraved with a spell of protection and a minor one of healing. The crown is wreathed by an air of sadness. 
  8. 6 Alien and demonic humanoid  looking game pieces made of lead and silver that are very nicely detailed that glow green and red in the moon light. 
  9. A small box of silver and gold wreathed with incredibly intricate wire work that contains a silvery powder. The thing has an air of magic and sorcery about it. Worth 20 gold pieces to the right collector. 
  10. A small golden cask of incredible workmanship that seems almost alive from which comes a series of knocking sounds! 

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