Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Review Of The Free Downloadable Map Of Hyperborea For The Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea rpg System

According to the AS&SH Facebook group this new downloadable interactive map is perfect for the DM on the run. I've grabbed the map and took a look at this resource. Its a great way to use the main campaign world of the AS&SH.
Courtesy of Ben "blackadder23" Ball (the author of our forthcoming adventure module, _Beneath the Comet_), we now have a new, user-friendly version of the Mainland Hyperborea map, usable by players and referees alike. You can download it now at our Resources Page: 

All of the major landmarks of Hyperborea are right there at your finger tips and this download makes it just that much easier to look at, print out, and plan adventures in the AS&SH game. Need a section of the world? You've got it right there at your fingers. Need to crush a kingdom and plan your next siege in the world of AS&SH? Well that's doable as well and you can make it just that much easier to grab and go with this download. All in all this is another must have for the AS&SH box set and a great addition for the AS&SH Dungeon Master's arsenal.
With the continue on line support of the AS&SH game this is one to grab. The game is a great twist on OD&D game and with the options available and more coming everyday this download is really a no brainer to have. Did I mention that this one is free?  

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