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Splatter Punk 70's & 80's Post Apocalyptic Horror Campaign - Sundown Edition


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"It is the future, the year is 1988 and Earth as we know it has changed! The future we were promised is over. Someplace deep inside north America a fiendish experiment has shattered the veil between paranormal worlds unleashing a "Supernaturalpyse"! 
The Great Old Ones and their minions were unleashed upon the Earth! Monsters who have watch for millennia were free to walk an ecologically devastated planet! Seas have retreated and foul wizards now roam the wasteland. Barbarian warlords stalk the weird places ruling  by the sword and might!
Survivors cleave to their precious high technology within the walls of their city states. Even as the 'Ghost Winds' howl through the empty city ruins. These winds call to the dead to arise & dance in a thrilling parody of life and hunger.
This is a world of madmen & magic where a new breed of high tech heroes are needed! Do you dare answer the call?" 

 Primary Party 
  1. Thoncore Wasteland Prince 5th level Barbarian 
  2. Rex Champion Computer By Pass Expert and Thief 6th level 
  3. Jack Steele - Cyborg Fighter - 7th level 
  4. Iris Thunderhead - Amazon warrior - 6th level 
  5. Jack 'The Dragon' Irrru - Martial Artist and Biker - 6th level 
  6. Ariens Chaos induced Were Mantis - 6th level fighter 
  7. Dirk Peter - Ex Army Special Forces -6th level -Barbarian 
  8. 'Red Hawk' -Wandering American Indian mystic and warrior 6th level 

Alternative PC Party members 
  1. Rocky "The Fist" Gabrelliri - Ex mafia hit man & cyborg fighter
  2. 'The Sparrow Hawk' Harlem Professional Thief Extraordinaire 6th level 
  3. Richard 'The Wrecker' Gazowski -Adventurer and Bounty hunter 5th level 
  4. Sleetha The Wizardress - Half Lizard but all woman. This mistress of the magical arts weaves her spells in the name of justice! 
The Menace From Beyond! The most sensationalist and befuddling VHS covers of the 1980s

 Mankind has begun to see the full extent of the incredible depravity and violence that now walks the Earth and exploits him. The doors between worlds have given invite to a host of unholy things. Now it is only the very renegades and adventurers who hold these monsters at bay. Things cross the threshold as keys and gates open all across the planet. Unholy technologies open the door to future horrors and only mankind can hope to survive this terror
 Coming Up New Monsters And More Background Setting!
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