Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Artist Of The Day - Bree Orlock

Bree Orlock is a very talented artist whose work has grace corporate logos and the whole gamut of products. Her horror work is very evocative and interesting to say the least. She works quickly, confidently and boldly. I was introduced to her work by Bradly K. McDevitt. She been doing artwork for over twenty years. Below are some of her works!

The Mad Demon Sultan Azahoth 

Bold colors, distinct designs, and incredible statements mark her artwork! 

A very traditional Lovecraftian Ghoul that Richard Upton Pickman would be proud of!

Bree works very quickly and confidently in her art work. I really dig her artwork According to her," And the reason I work so fast is I use to do Package Design for the Kroger Company (Corporation) and everything they wanted done was at a last minute deadline, so I got use to working very fast due to the next assignment being only 4 hours away."
Her subjects range from traditional horror through science fiction. 
Bree is a gifted artist and talented graphics designer. 
These and more of her artwork are available for sale and she is also available for commissions! 

To see more of her artwork and find out more.
You can find out more about this multi talented artist right over on her page
Right over HERE


  1. She did a winged cat for me for my witch book. I am rather fond of it.

  2. Yeah, I've seen the 'Winged Cat' illustration in your witch book and its very well done. She's fast becoming a real favorite of mine. :-)
    Bradly K. McDevitt turned me on to her stuff recently. She works very hard and very fast. I was very impressed with her stuff. Very professional and skilled too. Thanks for the comment. More coming up very soon.