Monday, October 29, 2012

The Autumn People From Something Wicked This Way Comes For Monster Monday

Charles Halloway: I know who you are. You are the autumn people. Where do you come from? The dust. Where do you go to? The grave. 

Mr. Dark: Yes. We are the hungry ones. Your torments call us like dogs in the night. And we do feed, and feed well. 
Charles Halloway: To stuff yourselves on other people's nightmares. 
Mr. Dark: And butter our plain bread with delicious pain. So, you do understand a little. 
Charles Halloway: You are known in this town. My father knew you. 
Mr. Dark: Your father? The preacher? That half-man? 
Charles Halloway: He lived on goodness. 
Mr. Dark: Tasteless fare. Funerals, bad marriages, lost loves, lonely beds. That is our diet. We suck that misery and find it sweet. We search for more always. We can smell young boys ulcerating to be men a thousand miles off. And hear a middle-aged fool like yourself groaning with midnight despairs from halfway around the world. 

They have so many names The Halloween People, Autumn People, The Hungry Ones. They were known to the ancients & they were feared. Each age remade them into the shapes they wear to entertain to give hope & to feed on each & every emotion of the soul. They take all & give nothing in return. They're ways are mysterious & their methods demonic. 
They're appearance is always proceeded by a storm or other weird events which announce their arrival. They haunt the ancient trails of cities & towns long dust.
These showmen of scared & the sad come to grand wishes & induce nightmares. Neither living, dead, or quite demonic they serve the lower powers in return for the right to walk the Earth once again.

 They're arrival is announced by flyers on the wind for a grand carnival or fair. Rides,games, & other attractions are their fare & lure for the unwary. 
 While the rides are ridden, the popcorn is sweet, & a good time is being had, the Autumn people are sizing up the larder. 
At the heart of each & every one of their entertainments are two places filled with the darkest of magic & misery. 
The Mirror Maze of The Soul & the Carousel Configuration. 
The Mirror Maze of the Soul appears as an ordinary maze of mirrors & it is to the ordinary eye of the victim until your in its heart. 
The maze shows the most convincing phantasmal illusions. Things & visions so personal that they can rot the soul of the victim. 
The first power of the configuration allows the thing to mark its victims for later soul sucking by showing them their fondest hearts desire or a vary personal regret. That is unless a save vs wands is made. 
The victim must make a save vs wands or be sucked into the unreality of the vision. The whole thing acts a vampiric field upon the victim via Mutant Future rules. The  Maze acts as a storage battery for the soul energies stored within & may store close to D200 +1 souls. There is of course room for expansion there always is. 
At the heart of the fair is of course the 
the Carousel Configuration! 

This infernal machine taps into the very abyssal energies of Hell itself allowing one to race up & down the years of  life & sin. The victim can gain or lose 1d20 years per round it is ridden. This is not an instrument to be trifled with & the Hungry Ones use it to lure their victims even further into their clutches. It also allows them to gain a false life by artificially extending their years for them. This is however dependent upon their deal with the Hells itself. Those who trifle with this infernal machine must make a save vs death or become trapped aboard this hellish thing as it races through the ages taking its victim with it.

 Autumn People 
No Enc: 1d4 
Alignment: Chaotic 
Movement: 120'(40')
Armor Class: 6 
Hit Dice : 7 
Attacks: 1 (weapon or mutation) 
Damage: weapon or 1d4 
Save: L6 
Morale: 9 
Hoard :XlX 

The hungry ones are known to the ancients & slipped between the cracks of reality & unreality when the collapse happened it was like Christmas to these monsters. They began to ply the old routes once again. They are called to thriving communities where they ply their demonic trade of entertainment & granting wishes. They will give you your heart's fondest desire & crumple it like Christmas wrapping in your face.
Each & every one of them has the demonic kiss of the Vampiric field mutation that they can turn on & off at will.
The monsters will have 1d4 random mutations hidden beneath the candy colored clown robes they wear. They part living, dead, & mostly demonic.
They fill their ranks with their victims. Replacing the used up or worn out of their kind. The fresh ones are best. Once they have fed up the dreams of young boys, the yearning of old women, & dark desires of middle aged fools they move on.
They may not return for a hundred years or more or a mere fifty years may pass.
Each fair of the damned as they are serves hell & is lead by an Owner. The owner is a menace himself & will have 1d4 mutations or even a few ranks of magic user or necromancer under his belt.
 There is only one thing that the autumn people truly fear! 
The Saint Of Storms

This tragic creature is eternally following the Autumn people within their wake. He is a god of storms who has trifled with powers even beyond his ken but retains enough of himself to guard others.
He was once lured by a love so profound that it still haunts him. He sells charms in the form of lightning rods that attract the very lightnings of Heaven itself. He will know the time & the place of the storm that washes away the autumn people & their damnation back to the mists of time once again!
 Should a PC buy a lightning rod from this character & place it near to the place of the Autumn ones the storms of Heaven will be attracted within 1d4 days!
Questions about the autumn ones will be met with cryptically seeming non sense that will reveal deep & lasting inner truths of their very nature


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