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The Irrurthia - The Inter dimensional Kraken Kind For The Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers Of Hyperborea Rpg

Number encountered: 1 
Alignment: Chaotic Evil 
Size: L 
Movement: 40/40
 They swim through the sky and land because they exist in six separate dimensions at once 
Dexterity: 14 
Armor: 7 
Number of attacks: (9 lashX9)
Damage: 1d4 (X9)
Saving Throw: 15 
Experience: 2,200 
Treasure: L
 Morale: 9 
Special : 
* They use their full allotment of attacks on foes
 *Each hit of an arm delivers damage and a curse of horror and depravity to the survivors they will be at -2 on all rolls unless a save vs death is made.
* Any one in contact with one of these horrors for more then an hour will lose one wisdom point per round there after unless the appropriate saving throws is made.
* Gaze causes confusion only the proper saving throws are made. 

* Will soul stripe any spells from wizards or magic users that it kills. 

A horror from beyond the borders of Hyperborea this terror from beyond the stars dwells in the Darkness Between the universes outside of space and time. Within the continuum of the Hyperborea these ancient weapons of terror are summoned by foolish or insane wizards and mages seeking power over their enemies. These ancient horrors were used by the ancients as weapons of mass destruction. They're very presence warps reality and makes time run like wax around them. They shatter men's minds by their very presence and trodden between the spaces of reality as they move across the face of a world. Even if banished they may leave sinister gaps in the dimensional fabric of the local world 
They have nine tentacles and rend anything with mouth ringed suckers which are hooked and barbed as well. Each  hit does 1d4 points of damage per strike as the horror rends flesh and bone. They will not retreat until all opposition is dead. They have very cold and dangerous alien intelligence. They are known to sit just outside of the local space time continuum and wait for the exact moment to strike a local community.  They will drag off children and men of the community to sew confusion and panic. They often attack the strongest targets they can find. Only the strongest blessings from the gods and saints of Hyperborea may banish these horrors. But often times their very presence rends the spaces around them so that the plane prime is open to other horrors from beyond. Such locations are often thought of as cursed or doomed. Colours Out of Space often accompany a summoning of one of these creatures within 1d10 days. They often have doomsday cults who make offerings of artifacts and relics to these horrors.
They are said to be the spawn of Azathoth and one of the Prime Kraken (The Khalk-XU'RU ). They are  created by his foul movements as he rolls in his mad idiotic dreams of nuclear choas, horror, at the center of the universe during the great migrations of the Kalk-Xu.
The Irruthia often feed upon wizards who travel between the dark of the stars and planes. Snatching and stripping the souls of anyone that they can catch for tid bits of magic. They often use spells taken from the minds of wizards to open doors between worlds to destroy.

The artwork is used without permission and is a tribute to Carlton Comics. It is for entertainment purposes only, this is a personal campaign creation and not afficated with North Wind Adventures. 

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