Monday, March 24, 2014

Comentary and Actual Play With The Free Old School Adventure - The Hall of the Family From Chubby Monster Games For The Astonishing Swordsmen And Sorcerers Rpg Systems

I've run this old school adventure before but last night my buddy Peter got back home after a long business trip out to California. He got together with friends and family and so wanted a game.. now. So with little preparation I pulled this adventure from the back archives of Drivethrurpg. This adventure is a challenge and well suited for the more populous regions of Hyperborea. 

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The Hall of the Family: A Short Delve...with a medusa!

This short adventure covers the sad story of a family brought to ruin due to a seer's tale and what became of their home after their fall. With Goblins, medusa, golems, satyrs and even minotaurs...ensure your players have a rolliking good time as you crush all their hopes. Download The Hall of the Family today and start adventuring tonight!
The adventure is presented in a system-less fashion using common themes and elements found in any fantasy game. It should be easy for any GM to work this into any campaign.
I  DM'ed this with little free gem before for this group and because it's a free adventure I've heard a few murmers that companies don't put their all into them. That's simply pure hog wash. Josh Mannon has a written a very tight little number here as the PC's found out. The maps are nicely put together and this adventure runs like clock work. 
I didn't get home till almost four am but the players wanted to finish this one once and for all. The game went very well. Finished it but I left a few hanging threads for future adventures. So we'll see where this one get's taken in the coming weeks! Adapting Hall of The Family To AS&SH. 
This adventure is easily adapted into AS&SH because many of the monsters, encounters, and old school sword and sorcery elements are already present within the game! The maps are standard for AS&SH use and the encounters are well balanced. There's enough here for a couple of short games or one very long encounter session such as the night I had! All in all a very nice little download! 
Chubby Monster Games

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