Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Review and Commentary on The Free 'The Ancient Academy' Dungeon From Robertson Games For Your Old School Horror Campaign


"4 Leagues from the village of Thorn, the ruins of a monastery sit atop a rocky hill. Inside the last intact building is a staircase to the dark dungeon below. 
An old school one-page dungeon including dungeon map, legend, wandering monsters, and descriptions for 39 separate rooms."

Using The 
'The Ancient Academy'
 For Your Old School Horror Gaming 

Last night I got the opportunity to throw the players through this dungeon with a twist. The basic premise behind the dungeon is that this was a magic school ala 'Harry Potter' which had been slaughtered by the forces of Chaos during the 'Supernatural Apocalypse of The 70's.
Many of the monsters appeared first in this adventure and then in my second part of  
HM3 - The Chaos Halls of Belzir . 

Guns did nor higher technology actually help the players navigate this one. Between undead, the chaos induced mutants running around, and combat the players want to go back and deal with the Ancient Academy itself later. 
The dungeon funk table got a good solid exercise last night causing all kinds of interesting castings of spells, medicine rolls, and saving throws. Especially in the potion section of the ruins. 
Since the ruins in my game sit on a demi plane this place is still standing with all kinds of mutants and mythos issues just waiting to cause havoc. 

There are three reasons to use The Ancient Academy. One this is an easily customizable  dungeon and very quick to run.  There are thirty nine rooms to play with and add both horrific element to very easily. Finally this is very reliable dungeon to run. 


  1. Just downloaded it. Looks very cool!

  2. I'm glad to be of service Ken! Its an awesome little dungeon and was really fun to run the players through this one! Thanks for the comment and I've got more to come!